Code of Ethics

The ARA Board has approved an updated Code of Ethics.

ARA Code of Ethics

The purpose of the ARA’s Code of Ethics is to set out the standards of professional behaviour expected of archivists, archive conservators, records managers and those occupied in related activities who are individual members of the Archives and Records Association (UK and Ireland). All other ARA members are required to recognise the Code and to act in a way that does not undermine its purpose.

No exhaustive Code of Ethics can be laid down to cover every situation, however, the ARA Board is available at all times to provide guidance to our members. Individual members have a duty to obtain a ruling, through the ARA’s CEO, if they are ever in doubt as to the proper standards of professional behaviour.

We recently put together guidance outlining the recommended steps members should take should they find themselves being asked to do something that could constitute a breach of the Code of Ethics. The guidance can be found here (ARA Code of Ethics advice on breaches).

We welcome feedback and suggestions to improve the Code of Ethics. This is a live document kept under regular review. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any feedback or comments.


Equal Opportunities Policy

The Association is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all within the world of archives, records management and archive conservation, regardless of race, colour, religious beliefs or practices, ethnic or national origin, disabilities, gender, sexuality,marital status and age. In particular the Association is committed to encouraging equal access to education and training, employment and advancement within the profession.