Membership benefits

Become a member of the ARA and get access to the latest job opportunities, theadvanced features of our new online community, and a variety of training anddevelopment opportunities. Joining is simple, sign up and be a partof it.

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 *See New ARA Supporter Membership offer for Friends of Archives and Local History Groups only (No membership fee for a provisional period of 18 months (to the end of 2019). 

By joining the Archives & Records Association you can become part of the lead professional body for archivists, archive conservators and record managers in the UK & Ireland.   

  • Take a quick glance at ARA's statistics for 2018 - ARA infograph 
  • Why the ARA is so important

The ARA is devoted to working, with its members, to achieve excellence in the care of records, in supporting the effective management and sharing of record systems as well as promoting the reputation and importance of recordkeeping and the professionals who work in archives, recordkeeping and conservation.

  • What makes The ARA different

In all things, The ARA is about commitment. A commitment to helping our members get the recognition they deserve; to do their jobs and run their organisations; to access the information they need and achieve their goals. A commitment to protecting our past and our present so that it is available for our future. A commitment to ensuring that everyone understands the critical importance of protecting the records of our communities, institutions and individuals.

  • What we do

We deliver on that commitment by providing a number of activities and services that benefit our members and our community.

1. Together we are stronger - we can share advice, experience and access informal professional advice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



2. Being part of a community enhances our individual confidence and professionalism. Keeping up-to-date; being aware of legislative changes, sharing and building on others' successes and best practice all ensure that at work (when we often work alone) we have the confidence to know what is right.  Those kinds of benefits are derived from the information, training networking and support the ARA provides access to.


3. Many of the benefits of ARA membership might not always be apparent - because we work quietly behind the scenes building the profile of the profession, protecting our members' interests and maintaining standards that protect our records and those that look after them.                                                                                                                   


  • Our members 







Individual membership is for those qualified as an archivist, conservator or records manager or working in archives, recordkeeping and conservation in the UK and Ireland.

Student membership is for anyone studying one of the ARA accredited archives and records management courses or ARA recognised conservation programmes in the UK and Ireland.       

Affiliate membership is for anyone interested in archives or record-keeping but not employed in the profession.


(This is open to students not studying on an ARA accredited course) 

Overseas membership is for anyone interested in archives based outside the UK and Ireland.  

Corporate membership is available to any organisation (public, private, charities etc) of any size.   

This membership is for not-for-profit groups (turning over less than £25,000 per year) that might benefit from the expertise, networking and training offered by ARA for their members.


The membership is designed to ensure a strong voice within the ARA for those who support archives.  


Your membership HELPS SUPPORT OTHERS - your peers and our community

We are stronger together


  •  WHY JOIN? - The benefits of membership

Career progression


professional development

Personal support when our members need it most

Being part of

a community


Access to knowledge



Building the profile of the

Sector’s work

Access to structured, supported professional development, including professional standards, guidance on career planning, a set of formal qualifications as well as the latest job adverts sent straight to your inbox.

Access to relevant advice and support when members need it. That can be on a one-to-one basis to help with individual challenges.

We are stronger together.

We share and benefit from the knowledge and experience of other

members and our peers.

We make it easy to access advice on all things to do with archives, conservation and record keeping – through referrals and by signposting what we think is most relevant.

Raising, the profile of the need for excellence in record keeping, conservation and archives management ensures that others understand why what we do is so important.

ARC Recruitment- job listings

Comprehensive continuing professional development with formal assessment and recognition of achievements at all key career milestones.

The ARA professional registration scheme allows successful candidates to describe themselves as a Registered Member of the ARA, helping ensure that recognition of professional skills.

The ARA's Certificate in Archive Conservation is run for ARA members working in conservation.


Bursaries are available to support career development. 

The ARA offers informal confidential advice to its members when services and posts are threatened.

Bursaries are available to support attendance at the ARA annual conference and relevant international conferences.

A limited number of bursaries are also available to cover up to 50% of international travel costs.

Access to national, regional and interest-based meetings.
There are 11 national and regional groups and 12 subject and special interest groups which meet to discuss shared interests. ARA members can join as many special interest groups as they wish. 

The ARA's annual conference is a key opportunity for networking with colleagues.
ARA members attend the conference at reduced members' rates.

Access to ARA's quota of free Digital Preservation Coalition events and training.

Access to more than 2,000 other individual and organisational members.


Archives and Records – our twice-yearly, five-star, peer- reviewed academic journal.

The back catalogue of nearly 60 years of Archives and Records journal articles is available free online to members.

We also offer access to selected journals of interest to you.

ARC Magazine

– The digital monthly magazine, sharing articles on archives, record keeping and conservation, with themed issues about many parts of the sector. 

ARA Today

– our monthly email newsletter, a quick read which keeps members in touch with what ARA and others are doing.

We fund and publish relevant research.

Anyone can access the ARA website but members can use it to share information and access private groups and community discussions.


Explore Your Archive (run with The National Archives) aims to raise public awareness of the excitement, importance and diversity of archives.

Don't Risk It! Know Your Records communicates the benefits of good records management and is the only records management campaign to talk directly to those in the boardrooms of the UK and Ireland.

We celebrate and publicise outstanding work in the sector. We award the annual prize for the best project involving volunteers.

- The Community Archives and Heritage Group gives annual prizes to the community archives sector.

The ARA lobbies directly when archive services are threatened.

We administer the All Party Parliamentary Group on Archives and History, which supports the work done in the record keeping sector and helps achieve suitable legislation for the sector.



More than 100 days of ARA training take place every year, helping members to keep–up-date,
acquire new skills and maintain a personal development plan (PDP).


Members save money
and get great deals

We negotiate special deals and discounts for ARA members. 


Membership helps others

Just being a member helps  our community  - it keeps us  strong so that  when someone  is in need the  ARA can help.

Members: skills, knowledge and experience can be invaluable for others. Through the ARA members there is an opportunity to share stories which can often be a prompt that helps someone else or inspires them.

Members may have just the answers to questions that just make life easier for other members.


For more information and to speak to someone about joining the Archives and Records Association, please contact the Membership & Office Administrator, Lorraine Logan on 01823 327077 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.