Nations and Regions

The ARA's professional and social activities are conducted through a systemof Regional groups, along with Sections covering areas of specific interest.Take a look at what is going on across our eleven regions.

ARA's Nations and Regional groups (regions) are designed to help engage and support members across the UK and Ireland, and represent most members' primary point of contact with the ARA.

They provide a forum whereby members from a variety of employment backgrounds can meet, exchange views and news, and discuss local issues and matters of wider concern to the profession. Through these groups the ARA can actively consult with the membership providing valuable and ongoing feedback to the ARA's Council and executive arms.

The Regions also provide locally accessible opportunities for training and professional development.  Members of the ARA are automatically assigned to the region in which they reside.

As an ARA member there are also plentiful opportunities to get involved at the Regional level. Members can gain valuable work experience through becoming a Regional officer.

Take a look at our Regional pages to find out more and locate your region. 

ARA members who fulfil Officer roles on National and Regional committees  are invited to Officers' events, notably an annual meeting where they can learn more about what's happening in the Association and can give valuable feedback on new or planned initiatives.

Full details of all ARA events can be found here.

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