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Finding a good supplier to support you with your archive and record managementor archive conservation needs can be key to assisting you with gettingthe job done. Our handy supplier directory is here to help.


Digital Archiving

Abergower are a market leading company that provides a host of services to meet the needs of the archival community. Our specialism in digital archiving involves taking precious source content and carefully converting this to any digital platform. Source material can be paper, film, photographs, glass plates, negatives, and large format maps and illustrations.

Digital Preservation

Our specialism in digital preservation is our ability to work with our growing client base to allow conversion of precious source material under danger of deterioration through the careful and methodical conversion to digital content. We have many years practical experience in this area and have worked on some of the most prestigious projects to the entire satisfaction of our clients.

Software Solutions

We have a number of partners who provide specialist management software, however we design develop and implement additional software to meet the needs of our clients who need additional and precise metadata from the source material. We provide software applications that allow specific heritage material to be displayed in customer specific ways and we work closely with our clients to deliver a turnkey solution to the most demanding requirements.

Paper Conservation

Abergower’s own heritage is founded upon the professional capture of vital data from very important documents, our paper conservation process takes valuable material and successfully converts this into a format the preserves the original and also opens up the information to a wider audience. We help our clients to make their content more accessible by providing advanced information about the source material which makes it much easier to find.

Records Management

Abergower works with many records management companies to add real value to the digitisation process and ingestion of the images into their systems. It does this through our expertise in handling procedures for precious materials, through using the most advanced scanning technology available and from the correct capture of the index data to ensure that the client is delighted with their entire system.

Electronic Documents

We have over 20 years’ experience in taking original source paper and file-based information and converting this through our digitisation process to valuable electronic documents that are correctly indexed and categorised to the specific needs of the client and the systems they are using.

Scanning Digital Specialists

Abergower’s real expertise is this area where we assist our clients with our considerable expertise to design, implement, deliver and manage projects in the most effective way and work with our customers to ensure that they fully meet all the requirements from the digitisation process. We have the ability to work on and off-site and employ specific robust processes to perfectly deliver the optimum result. Projects range from a few thousand pages to many millions.

Microfilm | Photographic Services

Abergower can covert any form of Micro-Film/Fiche/Ap-Cards to digital format using the most advanced systems currently available.

Our specialist scanning systems can also convert photographs, negatives, slides, glass plates to digital images in a wide variety of formats dependent upon our customers specific requirements

In addition, with our 3D scanning and photogrammetry capabilities we are well suited to working with our clients on specific projects where our expertise and processing capabilities allow us to produce exceptional results. This is available for a wide range of objects and sizes from the smallest to the largest.


We have provided digitization services around the world and have a huge expertise in all practical elements of conducting a successful professional digitization project that delivers the optimum results for our clients

This can be carried either on or off-site and we provide a comprehensive package of supporting services to ensure every project meets all international standards.


Abergower personnel have over 20 years’ experience in helping world-class institutions to deliver exceptional digitisation projects. This knowledge and expertise is offered to our growing client base to provide help, advice and guidance to solving the issue of information trapped in paper files being made available to a much wider audience in various ways.

We are happy to help all members of ARA to provide help and advice on any future project from the smallest to the largest.

Book Scanning

Abergower has its roots in providing the some of the largest and most demanding on and off-site book scanning projects undertaken. We supply the most appropriate systems and processes to meet the challenge of each project and we fully support this with our skill, expertise, robust quality control systems to ensure each project meets every requirement.


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