Pay Review Group

 The Pay Review Group was established in February 2017 under the directionof the ARA Board.

The Pay Review Group was established in February 2017 under the direction of the ARA Board. The Group was charged with undertaking a review of pay in the recordkeeping sector. The review involved extensive research into salaries of archivists, record managers, conservators and information professionals as well as those paid in comparable professions and fields. Individuals working in the sector were also consulted and feedback was sought from ARA members.

Review of ARA’s Salary Recommendations

In early 2018 the Pay Review Group submitted a report to the Board recommending several changes in ARA’s approach to supporting fair pay in the sector. The template of promoting a single recommended salary was replaced in favour of a tiered system of recommended salaries. These new salary scales are linked to skills, knowledge and duties as well as bringing the guidelines in line with ARA’s professional development programme. The advertisement of jobs in ARC recruitment that fall below the salary recommendations has also been addressed, leading ARA to commit to a policy of flagging adverts where the pay falls significantly below expectations.

ARA and the Pay Review Group also aim to approach employers who advertise on other platforms where the advertised pay is not in line with the salary recommendations.

We have recently completed the annual review of our Salary Recommendations and Guidance for Freelancers based on the current inflation rate we will carry out a more comprehensive review every 5 years.

Current work

The Pay Review Group is currently working to promote the Salary Recommendations among professionals, employers and recruiters. We are also investigating the training needs of ARA members who wish to raise issues of pay with employers, negotiate with prospective employers, or agree payment for freelance work.

The Group are committed to approaching employers who advertise roles with salaries below the minimum recommended pay for a professional. We are proactive in our approach, but we also encourage members to make us aware of unfair job adverts by contacting us at the email address below. We will also look to support any professionals who approach us regarding fair pay in their organisation.

The Group will undertake the annual reviews of the Salary Recommendations.

Get in touch

We’d love to hear from members with questions or requests, or those interested in joining the Group as an officer. Please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Frequency of meetings: Four meetings a year; at least one of which will be face-to-face.

Officers below: 

Front row, left to right: Georgie Salzedo (Treasurer), Morwenna Roche (Communications Officer), Fahema Begum (Secretary) and Pearl Quinn (Chair)

Back row, left to right: Laura Stevens (Research Officer), Andrea Waterhouse (ARA Board), Nicky Hilton (Training Officer) and Lucy Bonner (Research Officer)

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Board member (with portfolio for sector pay): Andrea Waterhouse

Additional ARA support: Chris Sheridan (ARA, CPD manager)

With thanks to: Elisabeth Thurlow, Sara Brimble, Vicky Wilkinson, Isobel Griffin, Gillian Sheldrick, Jeannette Strickland, Tina Byrne, Kirsty Fife and Hannah Henthorn.