Guidance for Candidates

Are you enrolled as a Candidate on the Registration Scheme? Here you’llfind support information, templates, example work and people to contactif you need to talk.

The ARA is constantly reviewing and improving the Registration Scheme. Please check these pages regularly for additional news, support and information.

Please Note:
The following Guidelines refer to the current format Registration scheme only and remain valid for portfolios submitted up to and including October 2017.

All candidates submitting portfolios for assessment are now asked to do so in electronic format - this must be either on a memory stick or CD-R. All forms which require signatures must be signed in hard copy and then scanned, electronic signatures will not be accepted. Detailed guidelines for naming of folders and contents can be found here.

Please post all memory sticks/CD-Rs to: The Registrar, c/o Archives & Records Association, Prioryfield House, 20 Canon Street, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1SW.

NB: The current assessment fee is required for electronic portfolio submissions. Payment of the assessment fee can be made by cheque or by card; an invoice can also be supplied upon request. Candidates who wish to pay by credit card should telephone the ARA office.

For further information please email the registrar.

Guidance Notes for Candidates.

Download our Guidance Notes for Candidates to find out more about the Scheme, learning outcome forms, producing evidence, the four development areas, how to gain credits and personal action plans.

pdf Guide part 2: Candidates

pdf LOFs 2.1: Examples of Training Course

pdf LOFs 2.2: Examples of Study and Research

pdf LOFs 2.3: Examples of Work Achievement

pdf LOFs 2.4: Examples of Contribution to Profession

pdf Examples of application forms

pdf Candidates Seeking Mentors

pdf 'Blitz-it' workshop slides

Registration Network

As a Registration Scheme Candidate you will be enrolled on the Registration Network. This is a support and discussion group for candidate Records Managers, Archivists and Conservators. The network provides feedback to the Association on the Scheme. Candidates' Representatives attend Sub-Committee meetings. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like them to feed anything back to the Sub-Committee. Any relevant decision or other information will be distributed to all candidates via e-mail.


Registration Scheme News

The ARC Magazine contains a regular ‘Registration Scheme News’ column that includes advice for candidates and details of learning opportunities.


Registration Group Discussion List

Additional support for candidates is provided through an emailed newsletter distributed bi-annually to the Registration Group Discussion list.


Registration Scheme Assessor Feedback

Annual feedback of the Registration Scheme assessments is provided for future candidates to consider for their own work. These reports are available in hard copy or by email from the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The latest version is available here to download.

pdf Feedback from the Assessors 2010

pdf Feedback from the Assessors 2011

pdf Feedback from the Assessors 2012

pdf Feedback from the Assessors 2013

pdf Feedback from the Assessors 2014

pdf Feedback from the Assessors 2015

pdf Feedback from the Assessors 2016

Some useful Document Templates:

Download the attached document for the following forms:

  • Registration Scheme Enrolment application
  • Registration application
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Personal Action Plan.

doc Guide part 6: Blank Forms


Information for Candidates submitting their portfolio

Are you going to submit your portfolio soon? Read the portfolio contents checklist, check the assessment deadlines, and find out more about portfolio submission and assessment procedure. Download the attached document.

pdf Guide part 3: Information for candidates submitting their portfolio

pdf Electronic Submission of Portfolios


Summary of Rules

Candidates can download a summary of the rules for the Registration Scheme.

pdf Guide part 9: Rules


Further Help and Contact Details.

Please download the attached document for further details on who to speak to if you have queries regarding the Registration Scheme.

pdf Guide part 7: Help