Practical Digital Preservation Programme

The overall aim is to enable archivist and records managers to move beyondthe theory of Digital Preservation and gain the practical understandingand vital skills necessary to preserve and provide access to long-termand permanent digital content and records.

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 ARA, IRMS and Preservica announce new joint Practical Digital Preservation programme for 2016/17

The 2016/17 programme includes new events designed to help archivists and records managers raise awareness of the importance of digital preservation within their business and with their IT stakeholders.

The new programme is a practical introduction in an informal setting to the issues that matter to records managers and archivists about digital preservation. We combine insights from key industry speakers with team-based practical exercises to help you build the case inside your organisation. If you are thinking about digital preservation or already developing ideas for a business case, these sessions are for you.

Bring Your IT Manager Briefings & Workshops                                                                              
Storage Has Its Limits: The Importance of a Digital Preservation Strategy

PDP 3 Wellcome London 7Morning:  For IT managers & practitioners, including networking lunch

Afternoon: Practitioner workshop, fast track your digital preservation learning with hands on experience

Guest speakers to include recognised industry experts and organisations who have successfully delivered value to their organisations having implemented a digital preservation strategy

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 “ARA members are working hard to raise awareness of digital preservation within their organisations. This programme is designed to arm you with the killer arguments to help your organisations save money, improve information management and efficiency, protect and advance brands and deliver compliance. It will also give you a practical sense of how easy digital preservation can be, with the right strategy. Sign up now.”

John Chambers, ARA CEO

Jointly run by ARA, IRMS and Preservica this is the next stage of this very successful training initiative. 

  • PDP Stage 3 (2017) - Join the 1 hour How to Webinars below.

Wednesday 7th December, 11am-12pm 

Digital Preservation Storage Choices: On-premise, in the Cloud & Hybrid

As the cost of storage continues to fall this webinar will explore flexible storage options and choice over vendor selection. The session will also focuson how the use of cloud and hybrid storage can help you optimise costs and ensure your storage meets organisational requirements.

Wednesday 1st February, 11am-12pm 

Connecting Digital Preservation with Catalogue systems

This webinar will look at how digital preservation systems can synchronise with Catalogue systems such as Axiell Calm and ArchivesSpace to simplify the ingest and preservation of digital content and enable institutions to maintain a single catalogue view across both physical and digital assets by automatically synchronising catalogue hierarchy and metadata, maintaining synchronisation even after ingest.


Wednesday 8th March, 11am-12pm 

Digital Preservation for Local Government Organisations

This webinar will explore the key findings of a recent IGI Benchmark into the governance of long-term digital information that highlights the need for organisations to act now to ensure digital information is properly protected and accessible into the future. The session includes case study examples of forward-thinking organisations that have already taken action to tackle this challenge, as well as provide a series of next actions for building long-term digital information into the overall IG program.


Wednesday 26th April, 11am – 12pm 

Preserving and Protecting AV Files

This webinar will discuss the challenges and benefits of archiving and preserving AV files and emails, including attachments. The webinar will include a briefing and demonstration of the ingest, preservation and rendering of AV files and emails in MSG or PST format using Preservica’s extensible framework for automated ingest of content and metadata from multiple sources and systems.

Wednesday 21st June, 11am – 12pm 

Best Practice in Digital Preservation

In this webinar you will hear from other ARA members using digital preservation & access to create value at their organisation. Hear from Archivists and Records Managers on how they have tackled the challenge of ensuring their valuable digital content, collections and records are securely preserved and accessible, and importantly, still readable in the long term.

  • PDP Stage 2 (2016)      

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