DPC free places

ARA scheme to deliver access to the free places at DPC training events

Free places at DPC events (for ARA members only)

Applying for the ARA free place

Members interested in applying for a free place should follow the instructions circulated along with details of the event. While the deadline dates will vary, the application process will be short and light touch, and will ask members to supply the following information:

  • Their name, membership number, current employer or employment status and whether or not their employer (if any) is a DPC member
  • A statement of no more than 150 words indicating why they wish to take the free place, and what benefit they will gain from attendance
  • A note to confirm if they have had any bursary support from ARA before, and if so what for / when

The deadline for receipt of this information by the ARA office will usually be 5 working days after the date of circulation of the initial notice.

Please note: Members should not contact DPC direct to book an ARA place on an event, and if they take an ARA place without following the process outlined above they will risk losing that place.

Deciding on who gets the free place(s), if more than one applicant

If more than one member expresses an interest in getting an ARA free place by the deadline, the following process will take place:

  • The ARA office will forward the applications supplied by members to a small panel consisting of a representative from the ARA board and a representative from the ARA’s Section for Archives and Technology (SAT)
  • These representatives will rank the applications in order of priority based on the following criteria:
  • Members who are not employed by organisations already members of DPC in their own right will be prioritised
  • Those who have not received any other ARA bursary in the last three years will be prioritised, matching the criteria used for other similar forms of ARA support
  • The decision will then be down to the merits of the case presented by the member in their short application, and the benefits they state they will gain from attendance at the DPC event in question.

The ARA board and SAT have each nominated two people to take part in this process so that there will always be someone available to take a quick decision. Should there be a disagreement an additional member of the ARA board will be asked to give a casting vote.

Please note that there will be at least one free place available to ARA at DPC events, on occasion there may be more and the number of successful applicants may therefore vary from event to event

Communicating the outcome and booking the free place

ARA will aim to decide who is to be nominated for its free place(s) within three working days after the deadline. This information will then be passed to the ARA office, who will communicate with all those members who applied, including the successful applicant(s), and pass the details of the successful applicant(s) to the DPC. Members who have not got the free place will be able to book on the event via the normal methods

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the ARA office with any enquiries.