Best Practice Guidelines

The ARA's Best Practice Guidelines are written by its members to provideadvice and guidance to those responsible for managing or delivering archiveservices.

The Best Practice Guidelines previously available from the Society of Archivists website are currently under review and will be published here when ready. 

To find out more you can contact the ARA Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Available now:

Volunteering in Collections Care

Volunteers have been supporting the work of archives and special collection libraries for many years. As programmes of work have become more widespread and structurally integrated within organisations, a demand for detailed guidance on best practice has developed.

To fulfil this need the ARA have worked with the London Metropolitan Archives and a researcher to develop practical guidance on the development, recruitment, management and monitoring of collections care volunteer projects. The resulting Best Practice Guideline - Volunteering in Collections Care and accompanying project report are available here:

  • Film Best Practice Guidelines

The Film and Sound Archives for Non-Specialist Repositories is available to follow:

pdf Film Best Practice Guideline BPG

  • Preservation and Conservation Best Practice Guidelines

pdf Documentation for Preservation and Conservation

pdf Health & Safety in the Conservation Studio

pdf Packaging Procedures    

  • Freedom of Information Act

A guidance for Archivists and Records Managers on access to medical records under the Freedom of Information Act is available to follow:  

pdf After the Hundred Year Rule (2004).pdf 621.88 Kb

  • The Data Protection Code of Practice

The Data Protection Code of Practice is available to follow:

pdf Data Protection Code of Practice.pdf

  • Cloud Computing Toolkit

The Cloud Computing Toolkit and Cloud Computing Project Report are available to follow:

Cloud Computing Toolkit

Cloud Computing Project Report