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App label ARA app for smart phones and tablets

The ARA has launched the new ARA app for smart phones and tablets. The long–term goals of the app and member benefits of using it are set out below.

To get started, please read the following information carefully.


 How to Download the App

The app works on Android and Apple devices as well as on Kindle Fire tablets. It can be downloaded now via the following:

-       For Android (v 4.0.3 or newer) – go to the Google Play Store…

-       For Apple (iOS 7 or newer) – go to the app store…

-       For Kindle Fire (Kindle 3rd generation and above (2013) model) – go to Amazon, choose the “apps and games” category…

In each case, search for “Archives and Records”. You may have to scroll down to find the ARA logo.  Then simply download the app to your phone or tablet. You’ll need to sign in as a member using your existing ARA website username and log-in. If you’ve not logged in for a while and need to update your password, you should do so through the ARA website. []  If you don’t yet have a website log-in, please register for one via the website. Once this has been approved, you should then be able to download the relevant app.

What’s on the app right now?

-       ARC magazine

-       ARC recruitment

-       ARA today

-       News feeds from the website

-       Conference handbook

Why download the app?

We envisage that the app will become your main gateway to ARA communications, publications and services, giving you greater flexibility of access, so that you are not tied to a desktop or laptop. Initially, it will just contain major communications and publications. Over time, more content will be added.

Eventually, the app will develop into a mobile hub for members to access information and audio/video content and webinars. We also want you to be able to book on training and events via the app. Our goal is to improve member experiences and deliver added value, including in terms of the immediacy and flexibility with which members can receive information.

ARA app – the benefits

Members that download the app will benefit from (or contribute to) greater:

  • Efficiency – faster communication; you’ll get information more quickly.
  • Mobility – information – eg, on job opportunities - will reach your device wherever it is (and you are).
  • Convenience – you can keep in touch wherever and whenever it suits you, ie wherever there’s a mobile connection.
  • Web-enabled access – when we publish new documents and information with the app, it can be web enabled, with links taking you straight to the website or hyperlink connection being referenced.
  • Engagement - the app enables ARA to better engage with members.
  • Value for Money – the app helps us reduce publication printing and postage costs: all this helps us redirect resources to front-line priorities and keep ARA membership subscriptions as low as possible.
  • A better environment - by reducing the amount we print, we use less paper and materials associated with packaging and distribution, and emit fewer greenhouse gases.
  • Professional development - we hope that the app will open up new opportunities to hold webinars and other video/audio content.
  • Things we haven’t thought of yet! - we’d welcome members’ ideas on how the app can grow and develop in the coming years. If you have ideas or comments please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Future developments for the app

As hinted above, the ‘launch-version’ of the app is just a first step. Once we’ve got the basics right, the technology allows us to make incremental developments and offer additional benefits.

How to get the app – downloading

The app is available for Apple devices (iOS), Android (that’s most smart phones) and Kindle Fire

Before you download – some tips and advice

  • Try to download Apps with a WiFi connection enabled or over a fast mobile internet connection.
  • You’ll need your ARA website user name and password to access the content once the app is downloaded, so it is worth checking you’ve got them ready. Forgotten user names and passwords are reset by following the links from the app or through the ARA website []
  • As a security precaution we’ll ask members to revalidate their details every three months.




(That’s most smart phones and tablets apart from Apple

Android version 4.0.3 or above.



Version IOS 7 or above.



(3rd generation and above (2013) model


Open the Google App “Play Store” – this should already be installed on your phone or device.

[The Play Store is accessible from the “Apps” or “Applications” link.]

Google icon

Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad



Apple icon

In the search bar, choose the category “apps and games”


In the “Play Store”  type “Archives and Records” in the search bar.

You’ll probably have to scroll past a numbers of other Apps (sometimes quite a way) to find the ARA app

ARA app icon

Search for:

- “Archives and Records” or - “ARA



ARA app 3

Search for “Archives and Records”


Touch the ARA app icon

Choose “Install” and follow the Play Store instructions.


Touch the ARA app icon

Press download and follow the App Store instructions.


Choose the ARA icon

Sign in to download

Follow the directions


Once downloaded – Open the ARA app.

Choose “Yes” to accept “push notifications” – WHEN THIS FEATURE IS ENABLED, it will let the ARA send you important information.


To access content and tools you’ll need to provide your ARA username and password. These are the same as your log-in details for the website.


Explore what’s on the app and let us know what you think


Although the App is free to download, you may need to give the Play Store a payment method. This is a constraint sometimes applied by the Play Store and Google’s Android operating system.

The Play Store will accept details of a credit card or PayPal. But no payment will be taken to download the ARA App.

So if you are worried you can download the App for free and subsequently delete your payment details from the Play Store.