ARA Board approves new Salary Recommendations

Good news for all record keeping professionals, the ARA Pay Review Grouphas completed the annual review of their salary recommendations producedin 2018.  New increased salary figures are now available for fulldetails read this news article.

ARA Pay Review GroupARA Pay Review Group

Salary Recommendations – 2019-2020

The ARA Pay Review Group (PRG) continues to advocate on behalf of archivists, records managers and conservators in support of reasonable pay commensurate with skills and experience. While we acknowledge that many employers are still not in a position to implement the revised salary recommendations approved by the ARA Board in August 2018, the PRG believes that in order to keep the recommendations relevant for members a yearly review should take place, with a more substantial five-year reassessment due in 2023.

As the CPI (Consumer Price Index) is a widely recognized tool for calculating inflation, we have based the increase for 2019/2020 on the CPI for the financial year 1 April 2018-31 March 2019 which was 2.27% in the UK and 1.3% in Ireland for this period.[1] Please note that these revised figures do not include additional benefits or regional weighting; there is considerable complexity surrounding the latter and while the PRG has not ruled out taking account of this in future reviews, it has been omitted from the 2019/2020 revision. It is expected that future revisions will be published on 1 October each year to take account of the budgetary planning that takes place in many organizations around that time.

Level Salary Description
Para-professional £20,454/€22,286 minimum Eg: support staff, performing some tasks independently. Possibly working towards qualification as a Foundation Member of the ARA and/or towards a degree/diploma.
Lower Management

Level 1: Starting in the range of £27,613-£32,726 or €30,390-€35,455





Level 2: £32,726 or €35,455 minimum

Eg: responsible for a discrete area of work/delivers on short term targets. Basic level of responsibility. Recently completed a specialist degree and/or qualified as a Foundation Member of the ARA.

Eg: manages some resources, people and/or services; possibly working towards qualification as a Registered Member of the ARA.

Experienced – Middle Management £40,908/€45,585 minimum Eg: service delivery and resource leadership; specialist role, e.g. sole conservator; general consultant. May have qualified as a Registered Member of the ARA and may be working towards Fellowship qualification.
Senior Professional – Senior Management £56,249/€60,780 minimum Eg: multi-role, strategic, senior leadership position, substantial sector experience in the sector; specialist consultant and/or conservator. May have qualified as a Fellow of the ARA.

For more details on the PRG’s work and guidance for freelancers/consultants, visit: or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (@ARAPayReviewGr1).


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