Ninth annual ‘Lifetime Achievement Awards’

Historian Professor Margaret MacMillan and Archive Conservator Jeff Cargillto be Honoured by All Party Parliamentary Group on Archives andHistory

Parliamentary copyright images are reproduced with the permission of ParliamentHistorian Professor Margaret MacMillan and Archive Conservator Jeff Cargill to be Honoured by All Party Parliamentary Group on Archives and History

Ninth annual ‘Lifetime Achievement Awards’ to be Presented on 2 July 2019 in Westminster

20 May 2019

The committee of the (UK) All Party Parliamentary Group on Archives and History has announced that it will honour the work of historian Professor Margaret MacMillan CC CH and archive conservator Jeff Cargill with its annual ‘Lifetime Achievement Awards’.

The winners will receive their certificates formally at a special lunch in the House of Commons on Tuesday 2 July 2019, immediately after the Group’s annual general meeting.

First Canadian historian recipient

Professor Margaret MacMillan CC CH is Honorary Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford and was Warden of St Antony’s College, Oxford from 2007 to 2017. She received an Honours BA in history from the University of Toronto (attending Trinity College, where she would later become Provost from 2002 to 2007), and a BPhil in Politics and DPhil (1974) at Oxford (attending St Hilda's College and later St Antony's College). Her doctoral dissertation was on the social and political perspectives of the British in India. From 1975 to 2002, she was a professor of history at Ryerson University in Toronto.

Professor Margaret MacMillan

Margaret MacMillan: image courtesy of The Halifax International Security Forum – 2017. CC BY-SA 2.0,

Professor MacMillan is the author of Women of the Raj, The War that Ended Peace, The Uses and Abuses of History and other notable works. In addition to numerous articles and reviews on a variety of Canadian and world affairs, she has co-edited books dealing with Canada's international relations, including with NATO, and with Canadian-Australian relations. Her research has focused on the British Empire in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and on international relations in the 20th century. In 2018, Professor MacMillan recorded the Reith Lectures - entitled The Mark of Cain - exploring the tangled history of war and society (now available on demand on BBC Radio 4). The lectures were recorded before audiences in London, York, Beirut, Belfast and Ottawa.

Nick Thomas-Symonds, MP – Principal Chair of the Group - commented:

“Professor MacMillan is one of Canada and the UK’s foremost historians. A great-granddaughter of David Lloyd George, she also has close connections by family to Parliament. Her work exploring why groups, whether nations or religions or gangs, get into conflict, and why individual men and women fight, gives her historiography a much wider and contemporary relevance, helping us explore social divisions and group identities from new perspectives. I am delighted that she is accepting this award and that her sister Ann - the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's London correspondent for almost forty years - is joining us on 2 July as her special guest.”

An Outstanding Career in Conservation

Nominated by his peers in the conservation community and the ARA Board, Jeff Cargill is the first ‘archive conservator’ – a small but highly-skilled and important community – to receive this award. Jeff recently retired from Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies. He has worked in a number of archive conservation roles across a distinguished career, including the National Library of Wales and Cheshire and Buckinghamshire Record Offices. He was also a visiting lecturer at Camberwell College in London (specialist conservation training centre) for three years.

Jeff Cargill

Jeff Cargill at work: photo courtesy of

Jeff has been an instructor on the sector-leading ARA conservation course for many years, being the UK and leading international authority on the conservation of mediaeval wax seals. Most - if not all – the archive conservators in the UK in the last twenty years will have been taught by him. As well has his opinion-leading and influencing work on seals, Jeff has also been a leading light in the use of the leaf-casting method of the repair of paper documents.

Lord Clark of Windermere, PC, co-Chair of the All-Party Group, said:

“I am delighted that the All-Party Group has chosen the first-ever archive conservator to receive this award. This highly-specialised community represents a ‘thin red line’ in the conservation and preservation of some of our most important and fragile documentary heritage. It is right that – though this award to Jeff Cargill – the all-party group is also recognising the outstanding contribution of archive conservators everywhere.”

Notes for editors:

The (UK) All Party Parliamentary Group on Archives and History has 80 parliamentarian members and is a cross-party, non-partisan body that aims to support the record-keeping sector and promote the study of history. The Group was established in 2010 under the chairmanship of the (now-retired) Dr Hywel Francis, MP. It has been co-chaired since the autumn of 2016 by Nick Thomas-Symonds, MP and Lord Clark of Windermere, PC.

The Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland) acts as the secretariat of the Group. The ARA is the leading professional and membership body for archivists, records managers and conservators in the British Isles. It currently has around 2,400 members. For more details, visit: or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is the ninth All Party Group Lifetime Achievement Awards to honour the work of record-keepers and historians. Previous recipients are:

  • Eric Hobsbawm and Lord (Hugh) Thomas in 2011
  • Lord (Asa) Briggs and Sarah Tyacke CB in 2012
  • Professor José Harris and Gerry Slater in 2013
  • Lord (Kenneth) Morgan and George Mackenzie in 2014
  • Sir Keith Thomas and Patricia Methven in 2015
  • Professor Sir Michael Howard and Heather Forbes in 2016
  • John Dunbabin and Michael Moss in 2017
  • Sir Tom Devine and Bruce Jackson in 2018