ARA Conference second keynote speaker announced

The ARA Conference committee is delighted to announce the second keynotespeaker will be Dr Ros Lynch, Director of copyright and IP enforcement,UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO).  

The 2019 ARA Conference – 28-30 August - Leeds

Second keynote speaker announced – Dr Ros Lynch, Director of copyright and IP enforcement, UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

Focus: artificial intelligence, copyright, digital single market and cross-border

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16 May 2019

The ARA Conference committee is delighted to announce the second keynote speaker for #ARA2019 – the Queens Hotel in Leeds. Dr Ros Lynch will open Conference on the second morning, Thursday 29 August 2019.

Dr Lynch joined the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) - a UK government agency - in February 2014 as director of copyright and intellectual property (IP) enforcement. She leads the work to shape the direction of UK policy and operational work in intellectual property - such as designs, patents, trademarks and copyright - and acts as a member of the IPO senior leadership team and the IPO Board.

The Conference committee is delighted that Dr Lynch has agreed to share her insights into evolving technologies and regulation in these areas.

Artificial intelligence, copyright, digital single market and digitisation

Effective records management and information governance are already the cornerstone of successful 21st century organisations. The security and integrity of intellectual property, as organisational assets and as ‘unique selling points, from historical patents to 3D printing software and from core branding to copyright and trademarks, and their custodianship will fall increasingly to archivists and records managers.

Dr Lynch’s role is to ensure that the UK legal framework is up-to-date and fit for purpose and involves extensive international engagement both within and outside Europe. She is also head of profession for policy officials in the IPO and senior responsible officer for the IPO’s work on artificial intelligence, blockchain and other emerging technologies.

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Dr Ros Lynch, Director for copyright and intellectual property enforcement, UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

Dr Lynch joined the UK Civil Service in 2000 as a social researcher in the Home Office before moving on to the Department for Communities and Local Government, where she was responsible for the Indices of Deprivation. She also worked as a policy official in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, where she led projects to develop skills policy and to boost apprenticeship numbers. Dr Lynch holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Hull and is co-author of the report ‘Copyright Works’ with Richard Hooper CBE, which recommended measures aimed at streamlining copyright licensing in the digital age.

Keynote focus

In her keynote, Dr Lynch will focus on the full range of developments in intellectual property as they will affect recordkeepers, including digitisation and copyright (and the digital single market), artificial intelligence and rethinking your records and archives as assets.

In the Q&A session, you will also have the opportunity to raise questions about the direction of UK policy and legislation in IP – for example, an update on how the UK will handle cross-border IP transfers once it exits the European Union.

Our workplace

The 29 August daily theme is how ‘our workplace’ will be shaped and how we can anticipate and adapt to technological change. That day’s information governance stream will hear from other experts on Blockchain, existential threats and data protection, among others.


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Mike Anson
Chair, ARA Conference committee