ARA Excellence Awards, 2018

This is the third year of the ARA’s Excellence Awards, which comprisethe Distinguished Service Award (DSA), Record-keeping Service of the YearAward and Record-keeper of the Year Award. Now it is time for youto decide the winners.

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Record-keeping Service of the Year and Record-keeper of the Year

-         Meet the Candidates

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This is the third year of the ARA’s Excellence Awards, which comprise the Distinguished Service Award (DSA), Record-keeping Service of the Year Award and Record-keeper of the Year Award.

New, in the autumn of 2017, we launched the New Professional of the Year Award, which this year will take place later mid-2018 and at the same time as the other three in 2019, around spring. So please keep an eye out for information on the 2018 New Professional Award in the coming weeks.

All of these awards are special because the candidates are nominated by their peers and colleagues. This year’s DSA winners – which are assessed by the ARA Awards Committee and voted on by the ARA Board (details below) - will be announced in the near future. It has now become convention in the ARA that a maximum of three Distinguished Service Awards will be presented each year.

Now it is time to decide the winners of the Record-keeping Service of the Year and the Record-keeper of the Year Awards.

You don’t need to be an ARA member to vote in these two awards. You could be a professional recordkeeper, a student or retired; you might be a customer, supporter, supplier or partner of a candidate. But you can only vote once in both categories.

Record-keeping Service of the Year, 2018

There are two candidates for this year’s award:

-          Archives+ (Manchester)

-          Central Bank of Ireland Archive Service (Dublin)

To help you make your decision, you can find below their respective details (including who nominated them, their key recent achievements, the single biggest thing that the organisation has done to improve service for users, and an endorsement/commendation).

Record-keeper of the Year, 2018

There are two candidates for this year’s award:

-          Asif Shakoor (South Asian Contribution to Great Britain, London)

-          Erin Lee (The National Theatre, London)

To help you decide between them, please find below their details, their main activities since 2016, their single most significant achievement over that period and an endorsement/commendation.

How and When to Vote

Voting for these two awards will open at 9am on Thursday 10 May 2018 (the day after the ARA AGM) and will remain open until 11.59pm on Sunday 1 July.

If you wish to vote you should log on to the following link, and follow the instructions from there: 

Informing and Announcing the Winners

The voting will close on 1 July. ARA staff will then collate the votes and inform the winners and runners-up. The Board will announce the winners in the run-up to this year’s annual conference, which this year is in Glasgow from 29-31 August.

Trophies and certificates will then be presented to the winners at a time and in a location of their choice.

Very best of luck to all the candidates!

DSA Candidates, 2018

The nominees for this year’s Distinguished Service Award, nominated by senior members of the profession and/or the ARA and then considered by the ARA Awards committee, are:

-          Susan Healy

-          Elspeth Reid

-          Dr Margaret Turner

The Board will announce its decisions in the near future:

For members’ information, we received an additional DSA nomination this year, for Geoff Pick (London Metropolitan Archives). As Geoff is on the Awards Committee and Chair of the ARA – until 9 May 2018 – he has recused himself from consideration this year.