Lifetime Achievement Awards 2017

The committee of the (UK) All Party Parliamentary Group on Archives andHistory will honour the work of historian John Dunbabin and archivist MichaelMoss with its annual ‘Lifetime Achievement Awards’ in 2017.

Historian John Dunbabin and Business Records Specialist Michael Moss Honoured by All Party Parliamentary Group on Archives and History

Seventh annual ‘Lifetime Achievement Awards’ to be Presented Next Week in Westminster

Parliamentary copyright images are reproduced with the permission of ParliamentThe committee of the (UK) All Party Parliamentary Group on Archives and History will honour the work of historian John Dunbabin and archivist Michael Moss with its annual ‘Lifetime Achievement Awards’ in 2017. The winners will receive their awards formally at a special lunch in the House of Commons on 27 June 2017.

The co-Chair of the Group, Nick Thomas-Symonds, MP nominated Mr Dunbabin. The Business Archives Council nominated Mr Moss. The Group committee approved the nominations.


International Relations Specialist

John Dunbabin is Emeritus Fellow of St Edmund Hall, Oxford and the first international relations specialist to win the award. In his extensive work on 20th century International Relations, John has made notable contributions on British re-armament in the 1930s and the Cold War, among many others. In his work on 19th and 20th century Britain, he has produced distinguished work on rural and political history – including on local government and university financing.

Among John’s most recognised research are his studies on ‘border diplomacy’ in North America, specifically the diplomacy of the fixing of what is now the US-Canadian border.

Nick Thomas-Symonds, MP commented:

“John has influenced generations of students British political history and international relations, from single member parliamentary constituencies to the Congress of Vienna. I am delighted that he is the first international history specialist to win this award and that he and his wife Dr Jean Dunbabin are able to join us in accepting it.”

‘Business Records Polymath’

Michael Moss is Professor of Computer and Information Sciences at Northumbria University in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Before joining Northumbria in 2013, Michael spent forty years at the University of Glasgow, where he was university archivist for much of his time, overseeing one of the largest collections of business records in Europe. While there, he also established himself as a renowned business historian, writing histories of Glasgow armament giant William Beardmore & Co, the Belfast shipbuilders Harland and Wolff, and most recently Standard Life plc, the Edinburgh-based life assurance company. Michael is the first business records specialist to win this award.

At Glasgow, Michael was founding director of the Information Management and Preservation MSc and developed a thriving doctoral studies programme. He has supervised doctoral students on a vast range of subjects, from the development of archival services in sub-Saharan Africa to digital repositories in Thailand. Among Michael’s many additional roles is as non-executive director of the National Records of Scotland.

Lord Clark of Windermere, co-Chair of the All-Party Group, said:

“I am delighted that the All-party Group has recognised – in Michael Moss - the work of one of the UK and Ireland’s leading business records specialists. Michael is also an eminent historian in his own right, having published on companies that have driven so much of the UK’s industrial and financial past and present. In fact, he is probably the best example that I have seen of a polymath in the archives and records space! A leading proponent of information knowledge management, Michael appears to have explored and tackled records of almost every kind on almost every continent.”

Notes for editors:
The (UK) All Party Parliamentary Group on Archives and History has around 80 members and is a cross-party, non-partisan body that aims to support the record-keeping sector and promote the study of history. The Group was established in 2010 under the chairmanship of the (now-retired) Dr Hywel Francis, MP. It has been co-Chaired since the autumn of 2016 by Nick Thomas-Symonds, MP and Lord Clark of Windermere.

The Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland) acts as the secretariat of the Group, which is a cross-party, non-partisan body. The ARA is the leading professional and membership body for archivists, records managers and conservators in the British Isles. It currently has around 2,500 members (and is growing). For more details, visit:

This will be the seventh All Party Group Lifetime Achievement Awards to honour the work of record-keepers and historians. In 2011, the Group honoured Eric Hobsbawm and Lord (Hugh) Thomas; in 2012 Lord (Asa) Briggs and Sarah Tyacke CB; in 2013, Professor Jose Harris and Gerry Slater; in 2014, Lord (Kenneth) Morgan and George Mackenzie; in 2015, Sir Keith Thomas and Patricia Methven; and in 2016, Professor Sir Michael Howard and Heather Forbes.