ARA launches a new app for members

The new ARA app was launched this Monday (20th June) and is free and readyfor members to download now.

ARA app goes live – download now for news and information on the go

ARA app icon 8The ARA app for smart phones and tablets is now available to download.  The app works on Android and Apple devices as well as on Kindle Fire tablets.

We envisage that the app will soon become your main gateway to ARA communications and publications, giving you greater flexibility of access, so that you can log in when on the move and are not tied to a desktop or laptop. Initially, it will just contain major publications and communications. Over time, more content will be added.

Eventually, the app will develop into a mobile hub for members to access information and, hopefully, audio/video content and webinars. Our goal is to improve member experiences and deliver added value, including in terms of the immediacy and flexibility with which members can receive information.

Full downloading information can be found here.