Explore Your Archive: request for volunteers to be interviewed

Explore Your Archive: request for volunteers to be interviewed

explore-campaign identityAs many of you will know, the Explore Your Archive campaign is reaching the end of its initial three-year cycle. As part of the evaluation process, around 140 members have responded to the two surveys that we and our partners at the UK National Archives (TNA) have sent out. Many thanks to all: you have provided invaluably frank feedback.

We are now at the second (qualitative) stage, and are looking for volunteers (with a small v) willing to be interviewed by a consultant that has been commissioned to write a formal evaluation of the campaign. The interviews should only take about 20 minutes, and offer a real opportunity to shape the future of the campaign, tackle weaknesses and improve its impact. Both the ARA Board and TNA would be grateful if you were able to spare a few minutes.

In terms of 2016, we and TNA are again looking for a formal launch week in November – for those members who would find it useful to have a target. We are looking at a double-weekend period after Remembrance Sunday in the UK (13 November this year).

Also, we are interested in any views for a location for the formal England launch of this year’s campaign. Last year, our colleagues in Liverpool hosted a very successful event. 

For any of the above questions, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.