Records Management: NHS England proposed revisions to records code

b23-nhs-blue-logo-sml-1836Records Management: NHS England proposed revisions to records code

NHS England is reviewing its records management code. The Information Governance Alliance (IGA) has been leading the process. Sector and public consultations on draft proposed changes to this code ended last week. Our records managers and information governance section (SfRMIG) submitted detailed, constructive comments in August listing some serious concerns (especially) about the proposed retention schedules.

Some IGA proposals were incompatible with basic legal and regulatory requirements; others demonstrated a general cavalier approach to the retention and destruction of documents of vulnerable groups. When IGA ignored us the first time, SfRMIG re-submitted the comments. When we were ignored a second time, we sent IGA a formal letter, copying it to the House of Commons Health Select Committee, Ministers and other stakeholders (such as the National Data Guardian).

Hopefully, the accountability chain will now pay attention to these important issues. We'll continue to monitor things closely. Thanks to Laura, Daniel and members of SfRMIG for committing so much personal time to this important issue.

Correspondence sent out by ARA and the Section for Records Management and Information Governance.