2015 ARA Conference: Keynote speaker announced

James King to talk about 'Boston College tapes'

James King will deliver the keynote address at ARA’s 2015 conference in Dublin.
James King 242.238The Belfast Project was born soon after the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. Where other oral history projects had sought the oral histories of politicians or civilian victims, this project would capture the reminiscences of paramilitaries from the early days of the Troubles. The project was sponsored by the Burns Library Archive of Boston College, which had a longstanding relationship with the region and significant collections of Irish and Northern Irish material.  All IRA and loyalist men and women interviewed were assured by Boston College’s researchers that ‘no material could be used until and unless the interviewee consented or had died’. 
In May 2011 the Federal Government of the US subpoenaed Boston College for the notes and audiotapes of two IRA operatives potentially implicated in the murder of Jean McConville. 
James King wrote ‘Say nothing: silenced records and the Boston College subpoenas’ in Archives and Records, ARA’s Journal in 2014. 
James  is a doctoral student at the University of Pittsburgh's School of Information Sciences.  His research explores the intersection of archives and issues of cultural memory and social justice in Northern Ireland and the American South.
James’s keynote address at the ARA Conference will talk about the Boston College subpoenas and the implications for archives and the recordkeeping community. 
The ARA 2015 Conference takes place in Dublin from 26 to 28 August. See the programme and book here