Call for new Chair of ARA's Volunteering Sub-Committee

Opportunity to help drive sector improvements in volunteeringpractice 

The ARA sub-committee on Volunteering is looking for an enthusiastic ARA member to take over the role of Chair. 
The sub-committee was formed in 2009 following the PSQG Forum on the theme of volunteering. 
The aim of the group is:
To drive improvements in volunteering practice within the archive sector; to increase the number and range of volunteering opportunities and ensure the contribution and impact of volunteering is evaluated and celebrated.
This will be achieved by:
•Monitoring relevant public policy announcements, reports, funding etc around volunteering and disseminating this information to the archive sector
•Collaborating, where possible, with sector partners to deliver a range of activities to support volunteering in archives
•Encouraging sharing of good practice on volunteering within the sector
The group has created a ‘Volunteering in Archives’ Action Plan to support the delivery of these aims. The ARA Board has recently approved an update of the Action Plan to cover the period 2015-17. 
What has to be done?
The Chair is responsible for oversight of all the activities of the sub-committee, this includes: 
•Manage delivery of the Action Plan, working with partner bodies as required
•Provide oversight of work of other officers of the sub-committee
•Manage the work of consultants (in conjunction with the ARA Chief Executive) delivering research or other projects for the sub-committee, where required
•Manage any short-term working groups required to deliver the Action Plan activities, as required.
•Formulating proposals for expenditure for discussion with the ARA Board Portfolio holder (Public Engagement)
•Answer general queries to the sub-committee (sent to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email) and acts as back-up administrator for the Archive Volunteer Co-ordinators network google group.
Meetings (currently x3 p.a.; x2 of which are via teleconference)
•Liaise with Secretary to arrange meeting dates and venues/teleconference facilities
•Liaise with Secretary over agenda and papers and comment on draft minutes
•Chair meetings of the sub-committee
Reporting :
•Provide annual report on activity to the ARA Board, as required from all ARA Sections and Regions
•Providing quarterly updates on group activity for ARA reports to The National Archives
•Provide updates to sub-committee members between meetings, if required
This role presents an opportunity for someone keen to take a proactive role in the Archives and Records Association at national level. Although some experience of managing volunteers would be useful, the Chair might work in any type of archives or records management service, job role or geographical location. As Chair you will have an opportunity to direct the work of the sub-committee, and gain an understanding of how it fits into the wider working of ARA. It is also an opportunity to work within the sub-committee with colleagues representing other strategic bodies such as CyMAL and The National Archives. You will be able to enhance your own knowledge of volunteer management both within the ARM sector and beyond. Through the role you will also be able to demonstrate a range of transferable skills that might support your professional development such as leadership, project management, communication, negotiation and facilitation. 
General support for ARA officers is provided via the Officers Handbook and Officers Day and induction into this role will be supported by the outgoing incumbent and the sub-committee as a whole.
Who would I be working with?
You would be working primarily with the other members of the sub-committee, in particular the other officers of the group. These are the Secretary/Award Administrator, Training Officer, and Archive Volunteer Co-ordinators Network facilitator. You will need to liaise with the ARA Board via the Portfolio Holder for Public Engagement (currently Geoff Pick). You will also need to work with the ARA Head of Public Affairs on communication issues and office administrator (Lorraine Logan) regarding keeping the website updated.
Time duties take
The intensity of work varies throughout the year and is generally dependent on particular one-off activities, but it is estimated that, when averaged out, the role should take no more than 1 hour a week.
Contact for further advice:
To express interest in this role, or request an informal chat with the outgoing convenor (Louise Ray) please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the first instance. The closing date for expressions of interest is Monday 6 April (Easter Monday).