ARA announces new awards for sector from 2016

Awards Officer sought to help administer new individual and serviceawards 


The Archives and Records Association is creating three new awards for the sector: 
Record Keeper of the Year
Record Keeping Service of the Year
Distinguished Service Award
To administer these three awards and to cover the nomination processes for the existing Ellis Prize and the nomination for the annual All Party Parliamentary Group on Archives and History for the Archives lifetime award made to an archivist, the ARA proposes to create a new sub-committee of the Board, supported by a new volunteer post of Awards Officer.
The Awards Sub-Committee will be a sub-committee of the ARA Board, convened by the Chair and will consist of up to three other Board members and the Awards Officer, the new honorary post to support the work of the Sub-Committee, as set out in the accompanying Remit and timetable of the Sub-Committee.
What has to be done?
The Awards Officer is responsible for participating in and recording the decisions of the Sub-Committee and in supporting the preparation of publicity by the Head of Public Affairs, together with liaison with winners on prize presentation and related issues. The Awards officer will also liaise with the Membership and Office Administrator where necessary, for example in setting up Survey Monkey votes.
The proposed timetable for the Sub-Committee from June 2015-May 2016 is set out below.
During the first year of operation of the new awards, the Awards Officer will help support advice on the nomination process for the two awards which will be short-listed and voted on. Thereafter the Awards Officer will be the main point of contact for nomination advice. 
The Ellis Prize was last presented in 2014 and there will be no further nominations until 2017 at the earliest. A nomination to the APPAHG for the lifetime achievement for an archivist for 2015 is already in hand.
There will be two meetings of the Sub-Committee per year. In the first year the first meeting and possibly the second ought to be face to face. Once members are satisfied with the operation of the award process, one meeting will be by teleconference.
There will be development work to do in advance of the first awards to be publicly voted for in the first year. This will be done remotely, though emails and telephone calls/teleconferences if necessary.
The Awards Sub-Committee will report to the Board through the ARA Chair. The Awards Officer will work with the Chair and the Head of Public Affairs on any reporting that goes beyond the Sub-Committee members and in so doing follow ARA procedures.
The Awards Officer will not necessarily be a Board member, though the post is open to elected Board members and he or she will not normally be expected to attend Board meetings.
In creating two awards that will be voted for publicly, the ARA intends to help raise the profile of what record keepers and their services do. The Awards Officer will benefit from building up the profile of these awards and in enhancing their experience of publicity work
Who would I be working with?
The Awards Officer would work with the ARA’s Head of Public affairs and the Membership and Office Administrator and the Chair. The Awards Officer would also be in contact with nominees and award winners.
Timetable in the run up to making the first of the new awards
March 2015
Advertisement for Awards officer
June 2015
First meeting of the Awards Sub-Committee to discuss details and operation of the three awards. Ratification of advance publicity to be ready for October.
October 2015  
Announcement of the annual nominations for Record Keeper/Record Keeping Service of the Year (RK/RKS) and any suggestions for Distinguished Service Awards (DSAs). Select a candidate for the All Party Group on Archives and History lifetime achievement award
December 2015
Nominations for DSAs, RK and RKS awards closes
January 2016
Awards Sub-committee meets to discuss DSA nominations and Record Keeper/keeping Service of the Year. Decision on DSA awards to be made at this meeting and planning for publicity
January/early February 2016
Publicity prepared for short-listed candidates
Late February/early March 2016
Short-listed RKs and RKS details on Survey Monkey for voting and associated publicity 
April 2016
Survey Monkey available for voting, probably until mid-April?
May 2016
Presentation of DSAs, RKs and RSK at the Annual General Meeting of the Association 
Time commitment for Awards Officer
In the first year there will be two half-day meetings, one in June 2015 and the other in January 2016. Peak period of work would be in October, January and in April – as set out in the annual timetable in the Remit document.  At this stage it is anticipated that the Awards Officer would need to contribute up to two working days in hours in each these three months and an additional four working days over the remaining months.
Thereafter there may need to be additional time in October and February to provide advice on the nomination of candidates and on voting for short-listed candidates.
For further information please contact: David Mander, ARA Chair, 020 8888 3555  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.