Don't Risk It! Message goes out to heads of organisations in UK and Ireland

Personal letters sent to the leaders of 1,500 public and private organisationsin the UK and Ireland

DontRiskIt_LogoAs part of the Archive and Records Association’s Don’t Risk It! Know Your Records campaign, personal letters have been sent to the leaders of nealry 1,500 public and private organisations in the UK and Ireland. The letters urge leaders to understand the risks of not managing their organisation’s records and encourage them to reap the rewards of a professional approach to records management. 
In the letter, Chief Executive of the ARA John Chambers writes: ‘Effective management of records is essential to the success of your organisation. Records support the business processes. They make your organisation efficient. Good record keeping saves you money and keeps you safe from legal, financial and reputational damage’.   
Included with the letters is the Don’t Risk It! Know Your Records leaflet and Health Check.  Five simple questions about records management clearly reveal the records management health of any organisation. 

The letters are one aspect of the ARA’s Don’t Risk It! Know Your Records campaign. Records managers – and all who have an interest in good records management – are working within their own organisations to spread the word, both about good records management and about how the skills of records managers can deliver efficiencies and guard against reputational and legal risks. The Don’t Risk It! Know Your Records toolkit has been developed by the ARA to help recordkeeping professionals raise their profile and that of their profession.    
The campaign has three core messages:

• There are significant benefits and economies for organisations which get records management right
• The legal and reputational dangers of getting recordkeeping wrong can be profound
• More organisations need to employ and empower recordkeeping professionals and use their skills wisely
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• Read the Don’t Risk It! Know Your Records toolkit 
• Read the letter sent to organisation leaders  
• Read the Don’t Risk It! Know Your Records leaflet and Don’t Risk It! Know Your Records Healthcheck  

This is the ARA’s first records management campaign. It has been developed by the ARA’s Section for Records Management and Information Governance. 

The ARA is pleased that many sector organisations are supporting the Don’t Risk It! Know Your Records campaign:  IRMS; The National Archives; The National Records of Scotland; The Scottish Council on Archives; the National Archives of Ireland and The Business Archives Counc