ARA delivers donated scanning equipment to Sarajevo

'We will hold you in our hearts' says Archive Director as equipment isput into use

The Archives of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo have safely received scanners and kit donated by the UK and Ireland. There was a fire in the archives after the building housing them was attacked in early 2014.

As the fire hit the headlines, the ARA asked Archive Director Adamir Jerkovic what help was needed;  he identified scanning equipment. A call was made to the UK and Irish sector to donate any spare scanning kit. The ARA organised and funded the transportation of the much-needed kit.

Two Bookeye scanners were donated by St Andrews University and a PhaseOne studio kit was donated by London Metropolitan Archives. The ARA wishes to record its sincere thanks to Norman Reid at St Andrews and Geoff Pick and Dave Tennant at LMA. Covergold gave valuable help and advice on the software to run the St Andrews scanners.  The ARA's Lorraine Logan owned all the tricky logistics of getting the donation safely to Bosnia. 

As the kit arrived at the end of July, Adamir Jerkovic wrote: 'I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Archives and Records Association UK & Ireland...for the donation. This is an important gesture of friendship and solidarity you demonstrated in the moment when the Archives of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina were destroyed in the fire. Such examples of concrete solidarity can never be forgotten. We will keep in touch and hopefully maintain a long-lasting friendship. We will hold you in our hearts'.


Archive Director Adamir Jerkovic with the equipment and his colleagues Samir Bajramovic and Aida Pepic.  

Adamir_Jerkovi_director Samir_Bajramovi_and_Aida_Pepi-1