What will you do for Explore Your Archive 2014?

Explore campaign organisers ask the sector to get in touch with theirplans

Matt Greenhall from The National Archives and Marie Owens from the Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland) have asked the sector to get in touch about Explore Your Archive plans for 2014.

'Are your plans for Explore Your Archive 2014 taking shape?

For the 2014 campaign we’re asking that, if at all possible, you plan something in your archive  - an event, an activity, an exhibition, a great story to share with users and the media – for the week beginning 10 November.

We’re planning a national push that week; if we all make a noise at the same time, we stand the best chance of the public hearing us!

It would be really helpful to get an idea of what you’re planning.

If you’ve a few moments, would you send us an email, answering very briefly as many of these questions as you can?

If details are still really sketchy, don’t worry. Anything you can tell us is helpful. Even, at this stage, if you tell us you’re definitely on board; we will then have your email to keep in touch!

Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Remember to keep in touch with the Explore Your Archive page, which has the toolkit and downloads. We will be adding new material from early August:


Thank you very much indeed'.

Matt Greenhall, The National Archives
Marie Owens, Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland)


1. Do you have a title  for your event(s)?
2. What’s the nature of your event(s)? (e.g. exhibition, publication, activity)
3. Do you have a date/timing for your event(s)? (even if it’s a rough idea?)
4. Have you a target audience in mind?
5. Will you be using the Explore Your Archive branding on your event(s)?
6. Do you have a url we can link to from the Explore Your Archive website?
7. Do you have any images or case studies that we can feature on the Explore Your Archive website?
8. Will you use social media to publicise your event?
9. If yes, which social media might you use? And do you know when you’ll be doing this?
10. Do you have any thoughts on how you will evaluate the success of your event?