ARA announces first awareness campaign for Records Management

'Don't Risk It' is key message to decision makers


The Archives and Records Association UK & Ireland will undertake its first advocacy campaign for records management in 2014.

The 'Don't Risk It' campaign is targeted at CEOs and other senior managers in both public and private sectors.

The campaign has three core messages:

  • There are significant benefits and economies for organisations which get records management right
  • The legal and reputational dangers of getting recordkeeping wrong can be profound
  • More organisations need to employ and empower recordkeeping professionals and use his or her skills wisely


The campaign will speak directly to decision makers through a letter writing and leaflet campaign in autumn 2014. It will also give records managers throughout the UK and Ireland the tools to communicate more effectively the important work they do within their own organisations.

Cautionary tales will be shared where poor recordkeeping led to the criminal courts and financial penalties; while good practice case studies will show that investment in a professional record management culture delivers impressive results.

A toolkit to encourage all those employed in recordkeeping roles to make the case for professional recordkeeping within their organisations will be issued in June 2014 and an advocacy and training day linked to the campaign will take place in July 2014. More information on this day will be issued in early May.

The 'Don't Risk It' campaign has been developed for the ARA by members of its Records Management and Information Governance Section, which is chaired by David Jenkins, Corporate Records Manager at Derbyshire County Council and a working group led by Bryony Leventhall, Assistant Records Manager, Bank of England.

Chair of the ARA Martin Taylor said: 'The vital and highly skilled work of the records manager needs far more understanding and respect.Decision makers in some organisations like to believe that they can manage, find, protect and deliver their information without professional input. The ARA is determined to change their minds. This campaign will be an excellent start.'


Interested in knowing more or in taking part in the Campaign? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.