ARA publishes 'Dickens and Digital Age' Report

A Report on how the organisers of commemorative events can strategicallypreserve a record of their activities and the public response to them,has been published by the Archives and Records Association

Dickens 2102: Recording Commemorative Events in the Digital Age by Dr Claire Wood has a particular focus on the opportunities and challenges created by the digital age.

The 200th birthday of Charles Dickens was marked by more than 1200 events all over the world. Previous Dickens commemorations in 1910 and 1970 had been print-based and reverential. By 2012 the internet had ‘altered the way that people participate in commemorative events’, with ‘a promise of representational diversity, collective authorship and interactivity’. But how to capture and keep for the future the record of such activity?

Dr Claire Wood, a postdoctoral research associate based at the Charles Dickens Museum, worked to record Dickens 2012 by compiling a database of events, collecting print and digital ephemera and contacting projects and stakeholders for with questionnaires or interviews. The Charles Dickens Bicentenary Archive, which now has ’35 questionnaires, 9 transcribed interviews, 428 items of digital ephemera, a range of print ephemera and a dataset that records 1200 events’, is based on the information gathered.

Dickens 2012: Recording Commemorative Events in the Digital Age by Dr Claire Wood was funded by the ARA Research, Development and Advocacy Fund.

Read the Report here.

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