ARA calls for CPD volunteers for pilots

The ARA's Continuing Professional Development Working Group is nowbeginning to form the group of individuals who will pilot the scheme


The CPD working group has now reached the point where it transitions into a steering group for the duration of the pilot phase of the scheme. It is now beginning to form the group of individuals who will pilot the scheme for the ARA.

What is expected of the individuals involved in the pilot?

The Scheme pilot will run for 18 months from April 2014 with six monthly meetings of the pilots (April 2014, October 2014, April 2015, October 2015).  Attendance at the meetings will be funded and it would be expected that pilots would attend the majority of these meetings as feedback and discussion is key to the schemes development and testing.  Teleconferencing should be available with venues likely to be in London and Edinburgh. The commitment to this group is not insignificant and the Group does ask for careful consideration before joining the pilot group. 'Whilst we appreciate that there will be some natural ebb and flow from the pilot group over the next couple of years, we will need people to commit fully to the pilot if they wish to be involved. We would look to set dates well in advance to allow for suitable planning for attendance' says Jessamy Carlson, who  holds the Portfolio for Professional Development on the ARA Board along with Wesley Geddis; they are tasked with introducing CPD to the ARA over the next few years. 

If you wish to be considered for the pilot group, please let Jess know by 18 November 2013.  Jess and Wesley will review the volunteer lists to ensure that a representative spread across the professions and experience are on both the pilot and steering group.  They hope that all volunteers can be accommodated in some way.

Contact Jessamy on 0208 876 3444 x 5347 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Role description: CPD Pilot Participant

To explore the working of the proposed CPD framework, including the Framework of Competencies, the online portfolio builder system and any assessed stages (Foundation, Registration, Fellowship) which are relevant to the pilot participant’s stage of career.

To feedback actively over the period of the pilot and contribute to shaping the live CPD offer.

To test the working of the framework for ARA members at a variety of different career stages and the full range of professions encompassed by ARA (conservation, archives and records management).


• Participating in pilot group meetings, including contributing to design of the online portfolio builder
• Recording CPD activities in the format agreed
• Feeding back as a group to the Steering Committee on CPD
• Championing the CPD Framework when opportunities arise
• In some cases, participating in publicity and/or conference activity around the pilot

Note on confidentiality
In order to review the functioning of the CPD framework, examples of pilot participants’ CPD recording will sometimes need to be reviewed by the Steering Committee. If necessary, items may be anonymised, but there will be a greater sharing of information than in the live scheme, and participants need to feel comfortable with this.

Pilot participants will also need to feedback openly in meetings, and this may sometimes include raising sensitive issues. All pilot participants and Steering Committee members need to respect each other’s’ privacy and by taking up these roles agree not to discuss any individual’s experiences outside meetings related to the pilot.

Time commitment
The pilot will run for 18 months (April 2014 to October 2015), and participants will ideally remain involved throughout, recording and reflecting on their CPD for the full period.

Meetings of the full participant group will be held every six months. They will usually be full day workshop-style meetings.

Smaller group meetings may be arranged for cohorts (either geographical, profession-specific or career-stage-specific), but this will be confirmed when the participants have been recruited. These may not be a requirement for all participants, and may be one-off or a more regular arrangement, with agreement of those involved.