Bruce Jackson to Chair Accreditation Committee

The Chair of the new Committee with oversight of the process and the contentof the new Archive Service Accreditation Standard will be the ARA’s nominatedrepresentative Bruce Jackson.

The new Committee will meet annually. It ‘owns’ the new standard and the assessment process. Awards of accredited status will be made on behalf of the Committee and thus of the sector. 

Each of the Accreditation partners who have delivered the new standard is nominating a representative for the new Committee. Other members of the Committee will be sought through open competition throughout the sector in the coming months. Committee members will not represent a specific constituency but the partners are committed to ensuring that a wide range of archives are represented and that the interests of all countries of the United Kingdom are fairly reflected.

Smaller groups of the Committee, typically four to five members, will meet more regularly as Accreditation panels to consider assessments and make decisions regarding Accredited status.

Accreditation Programme Manager Melinda Haunton says:  ‘Members of the new Committee, whether nominated or recruited through open competition, should be of high standing and respected by their peers. They should be able to demonstrate sound and balanced judgement. They should be sufficiently senior to give weight to the work of the Committee and be currently employed in archive services, recently retired or working as consultants to archive services. Conservators working within the archives sector are very welcome to apply’.

bruce jackson 149x137Bruce Jackson is County Heritage Manager for Lancashire County Council. He says: ‘I see Accreditation as a great opportunity for the Archive sector to demonstrate to others the high quality standards that we successfully work to in most cases, and what a fantastic return - both financial and social – is made on what is a relatively minor investment. At the same time, we need to recognise that it will identify areas where we must improve our services and that we then must demonstrate both the willingness and ability to tackle issues in innovative and effective ways’.

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