Descriptive Standards Roundtable for ARA Conference

The future of descriptive standards in the UK will be discussed at a specialroundtable session at the 2013 ARA Conference in Cardiff

This session is jointly organised by the ARA Section for Archives and Technology (SAT) and the UK Archives Discovery Network (UKAD).

Are descriptive standards, developed under a paper paradigm, fit for a digital and increasingly connected world? Do the standards need updating to reflect new ways of creating, accessioning, storing and searching for archival materials? Does hierarchical description best support contextual description and discovery in an online world? Do our authority files need amending to support cross-domain interoperability and federation? Do archives users find current online catalogues usable?
Responding to recent discussions on relevant mail-lists, and sessions at the UKAD Forum in March 2013, the roundtable will aim to identify whether a revision of descriptive standards is required, and if so the processes by which this could be undertaken, the agencies that would need to be involved and the co-ordinating body for any activity.

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We encourage you to submit comments and suggestions in advance, and warmly welcome ideas from everyone - even if you can't make the Conference roundtable itself.

• Is there a problem with existing descriptive standards?
• If there is, what is this problem?
• Do we need to act on this problem?
• If so, how should we go about this?

Keep a look out for further news and announcements about the roundtable on the ARA and UKAD websites, archives-nra, ARA Today, and under the twitter hashtag #ukdsr.

The roundtable organising group are:

Jenny Bunn, UCL
Alexandra Eveleigh, UCL
Sarah Higgins, Aberystwyth University
Chris Hilton, Wellcome Library
Bill Stockting, British Library
Simon Wilson, University of Hull