Preservation Advisory Centre publishes 'Knowing the Need'

Knowing the Need: optimising preservation for library and archive collectionswas published by the British Library Preservation Advisory Centre on 1March

knowingtheneed 231x322The Report draws together the results of 86 Preservation Assessment Surveys (30 on library collections and 56 on archive collections) carried out between 2006 and 2011.

These 86 surveys are thought to represent collections totalling more than 50 million items. The surveys, managed by the Preservation Advisory Centre, collect information on cataloguing status, demand levels, condition and usability, the value and importance of the collections and existing damage.  It also assesses the preservation strategies in use to ensure the long term availability for the collections.  The  results from these surveys provide a strong body of evidence from which appraise practice and make recommendations  for the changes that are necessary to improve stands of care.

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