30 years of independent London archival organisations

In November 1982 nineteen people, invited by David Mander,  gathered inthe former workhouse committee room at Vestry House Museum, Waltham Forest,to explore the foundation of a London Local Government ArchivistsGroup.

Pearl Party original members After due airing of mutual concerns, those present agreed to form the body that became The Greater London Archives Network (GLAN), which went on to be a model for other English metropolitan areas. GLAN was later joined by a body for users, the London Archives Users Forum, formed in 1988, the first regional archive users group in Britain. Like other regions, London had its own regional archives council, LARC, formed in 1999-2000.

In November 2012, a birthday party was held to celebrate 30 years of independent London archival organisations.Pearl Party cake cutting

Hosted by Archives for London, the work of three of AfL’s predecessors was celebrated. A number of the founder members of GLAN were there (see photo above left), as were members of the London Archives User Forum and the London Archive Regional Council.  David Mander spoke about the work, the challenges and the people who had made such a difference to London’s archives over the past 30 years.  David was the inaugural chair of GLAN and also helped found the London Archives Users Forum, serving as Vice Chair. David also helped form the London Archives Regional Council and served as its Chair. All three bodies ended in 2005 when Archives for London, which includes Pearl Party David Mander and Anne Barrettprofessionals and users, took on their work.

Photograph (right) shows David Mander cutting the party cake and left, David and Anne Barrett.