Competencies work welcomed by ARA Board

Caroline Williams has delivered her report on ‘Competencies’ to theARA; the Board discussed her work at its November meeting.

caroline williams The work to define a Competencies Framework for the sector is seen as an essential first step in the ARA’s commitment to better support the professional development of its members.  In May 2012, after a tender process, the ARA commissioned Caroline to undertake the development of such a Framework to support continuous professional development (CPD) at all stages of a career in the archives, records and conservation sectors.

Between May and September the professional sector was consulted by means of an online survey, visits to six ARA regions, an online focus group and two workshops.  

The Board welcomed Caroline’s work, noted how widely she had consulted with the sector and also praised ARA members for engaging so positively with the process.  Shirley Jones, the ARA Board member leading this work, is to produce an action plan early in 2013 which will detail ‘next steps’.

The ARA is happy to share Caroline’spdf  Competencies Report September 2012 at this stage, pending final decisions on actions arising from the report and its recommendations.