Call for papers for 2013 ARA Conference

2013 Conference Theme is 'Accountability, Culture and Ethics' 

cardiff 2013 150 x 212The Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland) has  called for papers for its 2013 conference to be held in Cardiff (Hilton Hotel) from 28 to 30 August 2013.
Records and archives play a key role in holding organisations to account and providing justice while also acting as an important educational and cultural resource. This conference will examine these different aspects of records and archives and the consequent roles and responsibilities of recordkeepers and conservators.
The conference will have two streams (archives and records management / conservation) but we will encourage crossovers between them. We welcome suggestions for papers, panels, case studies, debates and workshops on the following themes.
Archives and Records Management

•         Why do we keep records and archives and which of the following are priorities?
•         as evidence, to ensure accountability, to promote democracy and justice, and to protect people’s rights?
•         to create and protect identities and personal and societal memories, as an educational and cultural resource?
•         What are the responsibilities of archivists and records managers to their collections, stakeholders, institutions, and society?  Are they changing? Should we be keepers or activists? Whistleblowers?
•         Are there practical, moral and ethical tensions between these roles and responsibilities?
•         How can we contribute to accountability, social justice and culture in practice? Can we do this alone or do we need to acknowledge and form partnerships?
•         How can we ensure the reliability of our collections as evidence, particularly in a digital world increasingly reliant on social media and the Cloud?
•         Shred, delete or save? Does destruction erode trust? Should we bow to pressure to save less? If we save how do we balance access with privacy and confidentiality? What is the public interest?
•         Are we ourselves accountable? Is our profession diverse, do we promote equality? Are we educated and trained to behave ethically as contributors to accountability and culture?



•         Do we have to accept compromise or should we work to the ideal?
•         Key ethical dilemmas: reversibility, removal of evidence, documentation, priorities and selection
•         Decision making: are we aiming to be accountable? for the greater good in society? to provide access to cultural material?
•         What should we know?: education and accreditation; research and development; the wider preservation world; new techniques and methods
•         Funding, partnerships and project successes: is money allocated in the right places? who is in control? 
•         Are we entrenched in a digitisation culture, do we still care about original, first generation material?  What should we conserve?

The programme is flexible and session lengths will be decided once papers have been chosen but please note that individual speakers will generally have no longer than 30 minutes for their presentations. 

Please submit your proposal, in the format suggested below, to:
Caroline Brown (Archives and Records Management stream)
Chair, ARA Conference 2013
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
01382 388773
Mark Allen (Conservation stream)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
01244 532 364
The deadline for submission of proposals is:  17 December 2012.
Submissions will be considered by the Programme Sub-committee in December, and invitations to speak will be confirmed by the Committee by February 2013


Speakers will be reimbursed travel expenses and will receive free conference registration for the day on which they are speaking.
●             Try to connect your proposal to the theme of the conference as best you can. The theme is designed for speakers to bring topics to light that touch on contemporary issues
●             Try to be creative with your paper! How will your paper stimulate debate?
●             Please provide as full information as you can about your proposal – this helps the Committee in making choices about papers and scheduling of sessions
●             Try to be relevant and representative: consider looking at a topic from opposing viewpoints, or focus on the broader picture rather than institutionally specific ones
●             If you are considering making a group submission for a session, try to mix speakers from different backgrounds and institutions, or try to include a user or customer perspective
Your proposal should include the following:
-                      Name of proposer (or lead contact for group proposals)               
-                      Institution          
-                      Contact details
-                      Submission title (or working title)            
-                      Speakers (if a panel session)      
-                      Session description (brief description, max 250 words)  
-                      Special equipment needed (AV equipment etc)               
-                      Any other information  
For further information, or if you have any further questions, please

Caroline Brown
Chair, ARA Conference 2013
e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
phone: 01382 388773