Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Keen to learn more? Find the answers to all of your key questions aroundthe benefits of membership, subscriptions and payments

As a prospective or current member of the ARA you are extremely important to us and we would like to help you with any queries that you have including those relating to membership. Below are some of the questions often asked of us.

If you need to know more please do get in touch. You can contact our membership team on 01823 327077 or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of Membership?

The benefits are:

  • ARC Magazine our monthly magazine containing up to date reports of matters of professional importance, sections on conservation, records management, specialist repositories, education and training, film and sound archives and data standards and a calendar of events.
  • The Journal of the Archives and Records Association a European Union assessed grade 1 learned journal for coverage of professional issues in greater depth and reviews of recent publications. Published three times a year.
  • A fortnightly bulletin of employment opportunities most of which are not advertised in the national press.
  • The ARA runs over one hundred ARA training events a year across the UK and Ireland provided centrally and by our regions and sections. These are either free or available at a reduced rate for members.
  • The ARA annual conference which has speakers of international and national importance discussing the major topics in archives, records management and archive conservation. Members pay a significantly lower fee.
  • A regular series of Best Practice Guidelines available to download free of charge to all members.
  • Networking opportunities provided by membership of our sections.
  • Networking opportunities provided by membership of your local ARA region.
  • The Members area of our website encourages the use of social networking so you are always in contact with your peers.
  • Members can develop their careers with CPD including our Registration Scheme and Conservation Training Scheme, both well established and nationally recognised qualifications.
  • Bursaries to attend national training courses and international conferences are available to members.

What membership category should I apply for?

Individual Membership is for individuals who are occupied or qualified in the administration or conservation of archives, or in records management, or in related activities.

Institutional Affiliate is a corporate membership for organisations.

Student Membership is for individuals who are in full-time education or are on full-time or part-time study on a course leading to a professional or paraprofessional qualification which are accredited by the ARA. Student membership is also for anyone working as an unpaid volunteer in archives with a view to gaining experience before undergoing full time or part time study. Any overseas student who is registered with an accredited UK or Irish university can also apply for student membership.

Affiliate Membership is for individuals who have a general interest in archives, records management, archive conservation or the work of the Association who do not meet any of the criteria for full membership.

International Membership is for individuals who reside outside of the UK and Ireland.

Supporter Membership  (No membership fee for a provisional period of 18 months (to the end of 2019).

For small organisations or friends groups with an annual turnover of under £25,000 per annum.  Any such group must have a membership of at least ten people, an established oversight committee of at least two people that records its activities, and credible articles of association. And be based in either the UK or Republic of Ireland.  

When does the membership year start?

Our membership starts from the 1st October until the 30th September. You may join at any time.

Can I belong to more than one section?

Yes, all sections are free to join.

What are the benefits of Institutional Affiliate membership for my organisation?

In addition to the benefits enjoyed by individual members, Affiliate organisations enjoy discounted rates for commercial advertising in all of the Association's publications; discounted rates for exhibiting products and services at the Association's Annual Conference.

Do I need a proposer and seconder?


How can I pay for my subscription?

You can pay your subscription by BACS, cheque, credit/debit card or you can request us to invoice your employer. Direct Debit payments can be arranged for full members only.  We also offer Euro and Sterling online payment options.

I am a full member but have just enrolled on an archives related distance learning course do I qualify to pay a student subscription?

Yes you do. You will need to supply proof of your enrolment and submit a student application form.

As an International member can I pay the retired rate of £23 per year?

No, international members are required to pay the full subscription of £52 per year.

If I join halfway through the membership year do I need to pay a full subscription?

No, we can arrange your subscription pro rata if you are joining within 6 months of the end of the membership year. This arrangement must be agreed with the membership administrator prior to submitting your application.

Can I get a subscription refund if my employment circumstances change during the membership year?

No, you cannot get a refund but if you think your circumstances are going to change (e.g. Retirement, Redundancy, Maternity Leave) and notify us before you renew we can adjust your subscription accordingly.