ARA publishes Careers Working Group Report

ARA Board accepts all recommendations and commits to share Report widelywith the sector

The Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland) has published a Report from its Careers Working Group.

The Careers Working Group considered how the ARA can  provide a ‘realistic, sustainable and effective level of careers advice to its members at all stages of their working life’ and how it could ‘support employers and new entrants to the ARM workforce by providing appropriate guidance on the qualifications, skills, knowledge, values and behaviours required to support the ARM sector’.

The Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland) and its predecessor body The Society of Archivists, has provided career advice for many years, but this was largely focused on providing guidance to entrants to the record-keeping progression. Career progression was identified as a significant issue within the ARA’s Member Review produced in early 2013; this Working Group had been set up as part of the wider Member Review Action Plan.

The Group mapped current careers advice, measured the current resource allocated by ARA, identified gaps in provision and provided recommendations to the ARA Board about future careers advice.

The Working Group put nine recommendations to the ARA Board – and a further four recommendations to consider in the longer term or if additional resources are available. The ARA Board  has accepted all recommendations, which will be taken forward by Board member Wesley Geddis, a member of the Working Group, who has Board responsibility for Continuing Professional Development and Training. The oversight of careers guidance within the Continuing Professional Development and Training portfolio on the ARA Board was one recommendation from the Working Group.

The ARA Board praised the Group for its excellent report and committed to share it widely with the sector.

Members of the Careers Working Group are:

Louise Ray – ARA Board Member (Portfolio: Member Services)
Kate Bevan – Section for New Professionals Careers Officer (resigned February 2014. Fabiana Barticioti and Frances Lund provided subsequent input on behalf of SfNP)
Wesley Geddis – ARA Board Member (Portfolio: Continuing Professional Development and Training)
Simon McKeon – Chief Archivists in Local Government group representative
Jenny Bunn – FARMER representative

Read the full Report here .