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Marking and Labelling Objects (and their Containers) - online event (Fully booked)
Oct 08

Marking and Labelling Objects (and their Containers) -...


  • Section for Archives and Museums – Training Workshop

    Marking and Labelling Objects (and their Containers)

    Date: Friday 8th October 2021

    Time: 9.30am to 1pm (includes 20 minute break)

    Trainer: Anita Hollinshead

    Online platform: Microsoft Teams

    Delegates Fees:

    ARA Members: £7.00

    Non-ARA Members: £10.00

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    The aim of this virtual training workshop is to give people who care for mixed collections the skills they need to safely mark or label a wide range of objects and their containers or enclosures, including:

    • Textiles, costumes and shoes

    • Ceramics

    • Wooden objects

    • Plastics

    • Plaster (including sculptures)

    • Paper and parchment

    • Photographs and negatives

    • Film reels and video cassettes

    • Glass, including photographic glass plates

    • Medals, trophies and other metal objects

    • Framed items

    • Very small objects (e.g., coins, pottery fragments, beads, jewellery)

    Delegates will be introduced to the equipment and materials museum professionals use to label objects. By the end of the session, delegates will have all the information they need to assemble their own object marking kit. Attendees will learn how to safely use and handle the chemicals and solvents used in object marking activities.

    Delegates will receive a list of practice marking exercises they can try at home using ordinary household objects. The session will also include a live anonymous quiz where delegates can test how much they have learned during the workshop.

    The workshop will cover the wide range of descriptive information that can be added to objects and their containers in order to assist with identification and safe handling. The session will include case studies on creative approaches to object and container labelling, such as barcoding for location tracking and marking priority objects for salvage in the event of a disaster.

    This event is ideal for beginners or for more seasoned collections professionals needing to brush-up on their practical skills. No prior experience with object marking is needed to attend the session, but this workshop would be an excellent follow-up for attendees to SAM’s November 2020 training day on Object Packing and Handling and SAM’s April 2021 collections management virtual workshops.

    The three hour session will conclude with opportunities for direct advice via a Q&A ‘surgery’ session.

    After the event, delegates will receive a copy of the slides in the form of a PDF learning pack and resource and suppliers list from the trainer. A summary FAQ with answers from the Q&A will also be provided.

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    Oct 08 2021 at 09:30 AM - Oct 08 2021 at 01:00 PM
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    Microsoft Teams
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    Lorraine Logan