CPD & the ARA Professional Development Programme

The Value and Importance of Continuing Professional Development

All professionals experience change and the archives and records sector is no different. External influences such as legislative change, digitisation, emerging best practice and new workforce development strategies are just some examples of why this profession cannot stand still.

As a result, we all need to continue to develop knowledge, skills and competencies to ensure that whatever role we are in, and in whichever capacity we are working, we are equipped to respond positively to change. CPD is the process through which we do this.

In an increasingly competitive job market, CPD will ensure you become the best you can be. By focusing on the development of your professional knowledge and skills, and by reflecting on your experience in the workplace, CPD will give you a competitive edge throughout your career.

The ARA Competency Framework

Working in consultation with employers and members, the ARA has built and introduced a robust competency framework; a structured checklist of the skills, experience and attributes needed to qualify for each of the membership qualification levels in the ARA’s Professional Development Programme.

The framework sets national standards for the record-keeping sector and identifies key competencies for all those working and volunteering within archives, conservation and records management. It is the first point of reference for record keepers when thinking about their own career and professional development.

Employers should also use the framework to ensure their staff meet national ARA standards in practice and career development.

The competency framework provides the foundation of the ARA Professional Development Programme, using it to set the application criteria for Foundation and Registered Membership, and Fellowship of the ARA.

Get the recognition your career deserves: the ARA’s Professional Development Programme

The ARA Professional Development Programme is the pathway for members to achieve Foundation, Registered or Fellowship status with the ARA.

These three levels of membership, also known as professional qualifications, provide industry recognition of those individuals whose experience and competency meet the required standards. Members can apply to qualify as a Foundation (FMARA) or Registered (RMARA) member, or Fellow (FARA) of the ARA, depending on their level of knowledge and experience. These qualifications are a professional and public demonstration of our members’ commitment to meeting and maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards set by the ARA.

The programme has been developed in line with latest best practice, in consultation with members and employers.

As the professional body for record keeping in the UK and Ireland, the ARA recognises the importance of driving standards across the record-keeping sector.

Through the establishment and promotion of professional standards, the ARA will increase its influence among employers and those driving policy, which in turn strengthens the career opportunities for the record keepers of today and the future.

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