Stay Engaged - Learning Options

Here you’ll find a whole host of other CPD ideas to consider.

  • Cultural Diversity Competency: A free workshop where you’ll be challenged to examine personal perceptions that might surprise you and you’ll be introduced to strategies that will increase your ability to practice inclusion. This webcast provides the four skills to employ CDC and the five stages individuals and organisations can implement to improve relations with internal and external communities. 

  • London Metropolitan Archives (LMA): A video from LMA which includes tips on how to safely handle, store and clean vinyl and shellac discs in order to preserve them. 

  • Australian Society of Archivists: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Managing Archives: a new self-directed, globally accessible online course for archivists and recordkeeping professionals. Trauma-informed practice is a useful model to consider for professional archival practice that puts the focus on people within archives ensuring best practice access regimes, improved policies and practices, and support for everyone who works and uses the archives. You can watch a webinar about the course here. The course helps raise awareness of the effects of vicarious trauma and emotional labour and the need for resources to support people within the archival profession.
  • The Business Archives Council (BAC): In June 2020, the BAC will be hosting three FREE special afternoon Zoom sessions for members. These sessions are themed and have been prioritised using results of a recent BAC Twitter poll to look at the following:

    • The call to collect: Business archives and COVID-19: How are COVID-collecting projects to capture the current pandemic going? 9 June 2020 between 3 – 4 pm BST
    • Businesses in a Pandemic: Meet Members of the Crisis Management Team: Businesses are at risk more than ever. What’s currently being covered by the Crisis Management Team? 11 June 2020 between 3 – 4 pm BST
    • Business archives and online user engagement – will COVID-19 actually change anything? What new online business archive resources are available for users? 24 June 2020 between 3 – 4 pm, BST

    Click here for more details about the sessions.

    These sessions are for BAC members only. Anyone who is not a member but interested would need become a member of the BAC. If you have just submitted your membership please email Richard Wiltshire This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will forward full session instructions/links.