Vision, Mission, Business Plan

A society that treasures and safeguards archives and records and valuesthe role of specialist record keepers

Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland)


The ARA’s Vision

A society that treasures and safeguards archives

and records and values the role of specialist record keepers


The ARA's Mission

  1. We will be the leading body for archives, records management and archives conservation (‘recordkeeping’) in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. We will provide the broadest and most coherent voice on all matters relating to the sector within both countries
  2. We will foster, promote and seek to broaden the care, management, access to and use of records and archives by everyone. We will do this for the effective functioning of governance and administration; for education and enjoyment; for economic prosperity; and for posterity and the public interest.
  3. We will embrace practitioners in all recordkeeping functions including archives, records management, archive conservation, archive learning, research and outreach. We will embrace the wider community of all those with an interest in records and archives including users, owners and volunteers.


The ARA’s Strategic Aims

  1. We will advocate clearly to policy makers, stakeholders and partners in the public, private and third sectors in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, as well as to the public, the unique identity, role and contribution of records and archives and the importance of both preservation and appropriate access
  2. We will work to influence the development of policy, practice and legislation as they impact on recordkeeping and those working in the sector both nationally and internationally; it will work in partnership with other bodies within and outside the sector wherever appropriate
  3. We will work for the improvement and development of the sector so that it continues to meet the challenges of societal, cultural, administrative, financial and technological change, including equality and diversity
  4. We will support and develop the highest professional and ethical standards in all aspects of the management of records and archives in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland
  5. We will identify, develop and promote the professional skills required by the sector and support the professional development and interests of all its members
  6. We will support and promote wide audience engagement with, and stakeholding in, records and archives, particularly through partnership with the community archives sector and in developing volunteer involvement
  7. We will promote deeper understanding of records, archives and recordkeeping through supporting and disseminating research