The ARA Board

The ARA Board comprises the Chair, Vice-Chair, Honorary Treasurer, HonorarySecretary and up to eight Directors


Summaries of ARA Board decisions and other useful information are posted below:

Summary of Board decisions and other useful information for members

Board meeting 76, June 2020

The Board met by MS Teams on Wednesday 30 June 2020. The Chair reported on the AGM being completed successfully, under slightly different circumstances this year. Appointments to the Board and succession planning was discussed with a number of plans explored.

The Board discussed a number of items, including exploration of how ARA can be further involved in the sector apprenticeships. Further monitoring of the budget continued, to ensure that the Association did not commit to any excess expenditure. 

A Report was presented on the new website and the needs and requirements.

Summary of Board decisions and other useful information for members

Board meeting 77, July 2020

The Board met by MS Teams on Wednesday 22 July 2020. With continued restrictions in public life and Covid-19 beginning to show wider effects in society, the Board agreed to provide free membership to members who had been made redundant as a result of Covid for a period of up to 12 months. The decision was made to ban physical ARA events until the end of the year, unless UK, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Ireland governments guidance changed. The Board examines the Risk Register at every meeting and steps were taken to ensure that all high risk identified were explored fully and any mitigations introduced.

The Head of Professional Development and Standard outlined the research and discussions ongoing with regard to the apprenticeship scheme, and how we might play an active role in it. The Board member responsible for Training outlined all of the ways in which ARA was embracing technology and moving our training and meetings to online platforms. It was reported also that a draft tender for a ‘Toolkit in Dismantling Oppressive Practice’ has been produced.

The call for Diversity Allies has gone out, and over 20 applications were received. Further planning work is being undertaken.

The Board make planning commitments for future organisational strategy and operational planning meetings.

Summary of Board decisions and other useful information for members

Board meeting 78, August 2020

The Board met by MS Teams on Tuesday 25 August 2020. The Chair updated those present with details of a recent meeting with the ARA Ireland committee and how a number of areas of work had been identified for the future, including diversity. A last minute application was made to the HLF Culture Fund for Covid, and the outcome would be known in late October. The Board worked through the Risk Register, focussing again on high rated items and worked to reduce those to medium level.

Further discussion on the role of ARA in the sector apprenticeships was undertaken, and the Board agreed that it would work toward partnering with CILIP Pathways to provide End Point Assessor status.

The draft budget for 2020-21 was presented. Further work was identified and it would be brought back to the next meeting. The Pay Review Group submitted recommendations for the updated salary scales. This was approved unanimously by the board.

This was the final meeting for Karl Magee as Chair of the Association. He thanked everyone for their support and input to the Association and this was reciprocated by all. A ‘virtual drink’ was had to wish him farewell.

ARA board meeting held 20 May 2020

ARA board meeting held 22 April 2020

ARA board meeting held 13 March 2020

ARA board meeting held 29 January 2020