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SSR Meetings in 2019

13 May at the Manton Studio, Tate Britain for the AGM

SSR AGM Agenda 2019


8-10 July in Londonderry

Visit Schedule

SSR July 2019 Agenda

SSR Minutes July 2019


21 October at Cornwall Records Office

Visit Schedule

 SSR October 2019 Agenda


SSR Meetings in 2018

23 April at the LSE Library for the AGM

SSR AGM Agenda 2018

SSR Financial Report 2016-2017

SSR Financial Report 2017-2018

Speedy (and efficient) Cataloguing Plans summary

Historic Houses Archivists Group report 2018

Health Archives and Records Group report 2018

Charity Archivists and Record Managers Group report 2018

Revealing Hidden Collections presentation

Tate Archive Triage System presentation

Unknown Treasures presentation

SSR AGM Minutes 2018

June at Cardiff Central YHA

SSR June 2018 Agenda

SSR Minutes 28 June 2018

25 October 2018 at the University of Cambridge Library Archives

SSR Agenda 25 October 2018

SSR Minutes 25 October 2018

SSR Meetings in 2017      

12 April in London for the AGM

SSR AGM Agenda 2017

SSR AGM 2017 Minutes

SSR Financial Report 2015-2016

SSR Financial Report 2016-2017

School Archivists Group annual report

Historic Houses Archives Group report

Health Archives and Records Group report

Religious Archives Group report

Overview of the new GDPR regulations

Basic Records Management and Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse for Specialist Repositories

29 June in Dundee      

SSR Agenda 29 July 2017

SSR Trip to Dundee

SSR Minutes 29 June 2017

19 October at Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick 

SSR Agenda 19 October 2017

SSR Minutes 19 October 2017

SSR Meetings in 2016

17 March in London for the AGM

SSR AGM Agenda 2016

SSR Financial Report 2014-2015b

SSR Financial Report 2015-2016

SSR Training Officer's Report 2016

SSR AGM 2016 minutes

1 July in Limerick

SSR Agenda Jun 2016

SSR Financial Report, Oct 2015 - Jun 2016

Information on Limerick visit

SSR Minutes 23 June 2016

19-20 October in Leeds and Haworth

SSR Agenda Oct 2016 

SSR Financial Report 2015-2016

SSR Financial Report 2016-2017

SSR Trip to Leeds and Haworth information

SSR Minutes 19 October 2016

SSR Meetings in 2015

26 March in London for the AGM

SSR AGM Agenda 2015

SSR Financial Report 2013-2014

SSR Financial Report 2014-2015

SSR HHAG AGM Report 2015

SSR SAG AGM Report 2015

SSR CHARM AGM Report 2015

SSR AGM 2015 Minutes

25 June at The National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth

26 June at Portmeirion and Lloyd George Museum in Criccieth

SSR Agenda Jun 2015

Details of meeting and visit to Portmeirion

SSR Minutes 25 June 2015

28 September at Lincolnshire Archives

SSR Agenda Sep 2015

SSR Minutes 28 Sep 2015

22 October at the British Cartoon Archive, Canterbury

SSR Agenda Oct 2015

SSR Minutes 22 Oct 2015

SSR Meetings in 2014

30 January at the Princess of Prussia

doc SSR_Jan_14_agenda.doc

doc SSR_Minutes_30-01-14_copy.doc

3 April at Meeting Room 1, Curator's Block, Tate Britain

doc SSR_AGM_14_agenda_copy.doc

doc SSR_Minutes_21-03-13.doc

doc SSR_Financial_Report_April_2014.doc

SSR AGM Minutes 3-4-14

For copies of the presentations given at the AGM please click the link below:!10033&authkey=!ADg2QaJ48egau1o&ithint=folder%2c.pptx


19 June at the Willow Tea Rooms, 217 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3EX

doc SSR_Jun_14_agenda.doc

doc SSR_Minutes_19-06-141.doc

For images of Hill House click here and for Glasgow click here

22 August at The National Railway Museum, Leeman Street, York, YO26 4XJ

doc SSR_Aug_14_agenda.doc

doc SSR_Financial_Report_July_2014.doc

doc SSR_Minutes_22-08-14.doc

16 October at 9 Prescot Street, London, E1 8PR

doc SSR_Oct_14_agenda.doc  

doc SSR_Oct_14_training_event.doc

 SSR Financial Report Oct 2014

 SSR Minutes 16 October 2014

SSR Archives Accreditation Training Summary

3 December at Knight's Bar, Strand, London - Join us from 6pm to celebrate SSR's 35th birthday!

SSR Meetings in 2013

24 January at the Library of the London School of Economics

docx SSR_Jan_13_agenda.docx

doc SSR_Minutes_24_Jan_2013.doc

21 March at Tate Britain for the Annual General Meeting

docx SSR_AGM_13_agenda.docx

docx SSR_financial_report_Oct2012-March2013.docx

doc SSR_Financial_Report_October_2011_-_September_2012.doc

doc SSR_Minutes_21-03-13.doc

For copies of the presentations and recordings of the speakers please click on the link below:!4621&authkey=!AH_GvUvYcLIpjBI

20 June at Cafe Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany

docx SSR_Jun_13_agenda.docx

doc SSR_Financial_Report_June_2013.doc

doc SSR_Minutes_20-06-13.doc

23 August at Blackwell House, Windermere

docx SSR_Aug_13_agenda_copy.docx

Link to directions from Windermere Station to Blackwell House, click here.

doc SSR_Minutes_23-08-13.doc

24 October at PRONI, Belfast

doc SSR_Oct_13_agenda.doc

doc SSR_Financial_Report_September_2013.doc

SSR Minutes 24 Oct 2013

SSR Meetings in 2012

19 January at Friends Meeting House, London

doc SSR_Jan_12_agenda.doc  

doc SSR_Minutes_19_Jan_2012_v2.doc

doc SSR_Financial_Report_January_2012.doc

29 March AGM at Tate Britain, London

doc SSR_AGM_12_agenda_copy.doc

doc SSR_Minutes_29-03-12.doc

doc SSR_Financial_Report_October_2011_-_March_2012.doc

19 June at The Phoenix Centre, Phoenix Place, London, WC1X 0DL

Data Protection and Freedom of Information in the Specialist Repository training event

 doc Data_Protection_Act_training_event.doc

21 June at Reading

doc SSR_Jun_12_agenda.doc

doc SSR_Financial_Report_June_2012.doc

doc SSR_Minutes_21_Jun_2012.doc  

24 August at Exeter

doc SSR_Aug_12_agenda.doc

doc SSR_Minutes_24_Aug_2012.doc

26 October at West Sussex Record Office, Chichester

doc SSR_Oct_12_agenda.doc

doc SSR_Financial_Report_September_2012.doc

doc SSR_Financial_Report_October_2012.doc  

doc SSR_Minutes_26_Oct_2012.doc

Previous Meetings & Conferences


Conference 2010

The presentations given at conference on the theme of appraisal and acquisition.  Which included reflections on the Bowes Museum by Judith Phillips and the experiences of creating a more inclusive archive at the Royal Air Force Museum and The Scout Association Archive by Daniel Scott-Davies.  Some sample images from these presentations are given above and below.







Conference 2009

Presentation by Michael Farrugia, Head of Malta's National Archives on the APEnet project.  A European Union project to digitise archive collections and access through a single website gateway.  To see the presentation please click here SRG_Conference_2009.ppt.


Summer Meeting 2009

Our summer meeting in 2009 was held in Dublin and we were spoilt for choice with attending the launch of the Irish Archive Awareness Campaign in the Guiness factory, our meeting in the Irish Architectural Archive and a guided tour of the Royal Society of Antiquaries!  To see the presentation on the Irish Film Institute please click on the file below.

pdf Presentation_on_the_Irish_Film_Institutea.pdf