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  • 15 November 2018
    'GDPR - 6 monthly on' panel discussion via audioconference took place. Questions raised were:

    How can I promote the wider value of records management beyond making sure personal data is not kept too long?

    I’ve spoken to people who feel GDPR has overshadowed records management within their organisations.  Does the panel feel this is the case, or have the changes to data protection legislation and regulation and given us an opportunity to promote the importance of good records management?

    Has GDPR effectively ended big bucket retention as an option?

    Given the publicity over GDPR, do you think that staff in your organisation are more aware of the importance of protecting personal data?

    Has the attitude to the handling of personal data in your organisation changed?

    Have you introduced any mandatory training since GDPR was introduced?

    Given a 'free hand', what changes (if any) would you make to the Regulations?

    Do you think that, based on the success of GDPR in terms of promoting the importance of protecting personal data, that FOI and EIR now should have a makeover?

    What were the barriers in getting your organisation to implement GDPR? 


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