Legislation and Standards Working Group

 This section of ARA responsible for responding to formal consultationson local, national and international legislation and standards that impacton our membership and the wider record-keeping professions.

Legislation and Standards Working Group 

The Legislation and Standards Working Group (LSWG) is the section of ARA responsible for responding to formal consultations on local, national and international legislation and standards that impact on our membership and the wider record-keeping professions.

The group currently has ten members, and we have representatives from each of the Nations, the group also represents ARA’s membership in the international archives community.  This helps us maintain visibility for the sector when there are consultations by the relevant governments on matters that impact our professional interests.  We are keen to ensure that we are heard as a profession. We meet four times a year via Teams, which allows us to combine the benefit of seeing each other with the convenience of not all having to be in the same geographical location.  We aim to meet on occasion in person when feasible.

The group discuss current issues and pending consultations, and  monitor various channels for impending, new or updated, legislation or standards. We are always pleased to hear about anything relevant that you think may require our input.  This can include initiatives raised by professional standards bodies, local and central government, devolved administrations, quangos, the Information Commissioner’s Office and the European Union.

We respond to a wide range of consultations. As well as those which relate to copyright, data protection and freedom of information, we also respond to those which relate to other intellectual properties, particular records sets and other information rights.  We may also encourage individuals to add their voice where a consultation is open to all submissions.

Over our history LSWG has responded to a range of consultations on ARA’s behalf, including:

  • European Commission. Data protection - report on the General Data Protection Regulation
  • ICO. Consultation on the draft right of access guidance
  • Irish Government. Integration and Youth  - Statement of Strategy 2021 – 2023
  • Cabinet Office. Revised UK Freedom of Information Code of Practice.
  • European Commission. Guidance on data protection for archive services,
  • Welsh Government. Local authority education databases
  • UK Government. Artificial intelligence call for views: copyright and related rights
  • Scottish Government. A Culture Strategy for Scotland
  • Welsh Assembly. Consultation on the Draft Local Government (Wales) Bill and Explanatory Memorandum
  • Information Tribunal (Senior President of Tribunals)
  • Directive on Professional Qualifications (European Union).

Legislation, standards, codes of practice. Whether or not they originate in Europe, the UK or in local areas, they all have the power to alter the way in which our professions operate. It is therefore essential that the views of those who work in and run our record-keeping services are heard.

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