Community Archives & Heritage Group (CAHG)

Welcome to the Community Archives and Heritage Group.


The Community Archives and Heritage Group (CAHG) is a national group which aims to support and promote community archives in the UK. We bring together bodies and organisations concerned with Community Archives, and provide a forum for the regular exchange of views and information.   


CAHG was previously known as the Community Archive Development Group (CADG).

We were established to monitor and inform developments in the field of Community Archives and act as an expert body on best practice in this area.


The aims of the group are:

  1. To work to mainstream and embed community archive work within the priorities of archive services.
  2. To inform and review strategic developments in relation to the field of community archives.
  3. To undertake advocacy to relevant institutions, organisations and stakeholders on matters of current concern in the field of community archives;
  4. To review and co-ordinate developments and activities in the field of community archives;
  5. To encourage funding to promote sustainability in community archives, in conjunction with other relevant agencies;
  6. To encourage the definition of standards in relation to community archives, and to promote their application;
  7. To provide advice on community archives to relevant institutions, organisations and stakeholders;
  8. To encourage the development and application of evaluation models for community archive activity;
  9. To oversee the activities prescribed in the work programme for the Group.


Our Section in action:

  • We run a website for community archives at
  • We organise a free annual conference. 
  • We have developed a set of cataloguing guidelines for community archives and we are planning an award scheme to run next year. We also distribute an e-mail newsletter.
  • We are working on much more......


Community Archives and Heritage Group (CAHG)- Community Archive Award - Celebrating the contribution of community archives within the archive sector and to promote and share good practice in community archives.   


Latest News

The overall 2017 winnerTalking Syria (, also won the ‘Most Innovative’ category in this year’s awards. In reaching their decision, the judges commented:

Talking Syria is an extra-ordinary example of an archive both preserving the voices of displaced and fractured communities for the future and acting as an engine of community resilience in the present. This is an archive at its best: raw emotion, portraying real life and its impact on individuals and families, community leadership and involvement, a focus on tomorrow - the younger generation - and an excellent website for outreach and advocacy. This archive will become an outstanding research tool for the future. But it is also – evidently – succeeding in its principal short-term goal of community building. We also commend the Talking Syria website and encourage everyone to take a look. The use of large apps gives a wonderful simplicity and clarity. From the first click, we all felt compelled to keep reading.”

Talking Syria began in 2013, aiming to be a voice for Syrians displaced around the world, including in the UK. The project encourages Syrians of all denominations and perspectives to write stories containing memories or special moments that enable them to reconnect with their human side and their heritage. The focus is storytelling, art and culture as the building blocks for longer-term community resilience. Talking Syria also runs an informative blog which is also non-political and non-religious.

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