Chief Archivists in Local Government

Welcome to the Chief Archivists in Local Government.

The Aim of the Group is to promote the preservation and use of archives which are (or, in the opinion of the Group, should be) in the care of local authorities with archive powers in England and Wales.

The Objects of the group are:

  • to influence the policies and practices of European, national and local governments, and others, in support of the above aim.
  • to promote the exchange of ideas and information among local authority archive services and with others.
  • to promote activities in support of the above aim.

Membership is open to one person from each local authority exercising archive powers. This person will normally be the experienced professional archivist who is responsible for the service and who has access to the controlling body. If there is no one who fulfils this criteria then the senior archivist within the service shall be eligible for membership.

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The role, function and future of the British Records Association Records Preservation Section

The Archives and Records Association (ARA) and the British Records Association (BRA) are in discussions about the future of the BRA, involving the creation of successor sections within the ARA and the dissolution of the BRA. The future of the BRA’s Records Preservation Section has formed an important element in these discussions and so both organisations have agreed to fund a consultant-led review of the RPS’s work.

As part of preliminary evidence-gathering activities the Chief Archivists in Local Government Group is supporting a survey of its members’ views on the Record Preservation Section’s work.

There are two stages to the survey

1)      Advance notice of the questionnaire and its contents is to give sufficient time for members to gather together data for subsequent submission to the online survey. An online survey will not usually allow you to save your data to continue at a later date. We recommend therefore that you familiarise yourself with its content here in order to inform your answers.

2)      The online survey is now open please click on the link below. 


Please make every effort to complete the questionnaire.

Many thanks

ARA/BRA Working Party


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