Archives and Museums

Welcome to the Section for Archives and Museums

We aim to provide:

1. a focal point for those with interests in archives, museums and galleries from across the nations and regions, open to all members in all types of institutions and work-settings, such as:

  • recordkeeping professional in a museum;
  • recordkeeping professional in an archival repository which holds objects of any kind eg cathedrals and religious orders, schools and universities, local authority joint services, societies and associations, hospitals, businesses, archives holding small or major object collections, whether as discrete or mixed collections;
  • paraprofessional or volunteer working with objects in an archive;
  • conservators and preventive conservators working in mixed archive collections who advise on or have interests in paper, works of art on paper and fine art, photographic materials and object collections

2. opportunities for members to share best practice in areas of all museum and object management and its intersection with the archive sector, including topics such as:

  • Collection management
  • Cataloguing
  • Collections care, preservation and conservation
  • Interpretation and display
  • Education, learning and outreach
  • Audience development and inclusive access to collections
  • Governance, funding and resilience
  • Standards and legislation
  • Cross-sectoral professional working practices and collaborations
  • Museum and archive accreditation

3. opportunities for members to discuss shared concerns and issues around working in archives and museums, including news and developments affecting the archives and museums sector;

4. training and learning opportunities for members; and for paying non-members (eg museum and heritage professionals);

5. collaboration with other ARA Sections/Groups and other relevant associations including:

  • ARA Archives for Learning and Education Section
  • ARA Community Archives and Heritage Group
  • ARA Section for New Professionals
  • ARA Section for Business Records
  • ARA Section for Film, Sound and Photography
  • ARA Section for Preservation and Conservation
  • ARA Section for Specialist Repositories and affiliated Sections/Groups:
    • School Archivists’ Group
    • Health Archives and Records’ Group
    • Charity Archivists and Records Managers’ Group
    • Historic Houses Archivists’ Group
    • Religious Archives’ Group
    • Association of Performing Arts Collections’ Group

6. effective and timely communication within the Section; use of social media and web resources

7. updates about the wider activities of the ARA as a whole, including the Board and Executive, and a channel for feedback to the ARA via the designated Board member and Officers’/Chairs’ Days;

8. a UK and Ireland discussion forum for professionals, paraprofessionals and volunteers working across archives and museums.

Our objectives are:

1. to hold at least three events a year, at a variety of face-to-face locations across the nations and regions and/or held virtually, with wide-ranging speakers on relevant cross-sectoral subjects;

2. to hold some weekday and some weekend events every year, at least one of which will be a training event;

3. to hold occasional events jointly with ARA sections/regions and relevant museum special interest groups and professional bodies;

4. to disseminate information from and provide feedback to the ARA Board and Officers’/Chairs’ Days;

5. to provide opportunities for sharing best practice and information via a Section mailing list;

6. to maintain the Section’s webpages and relevant social media with up to date information;

7. to produce an annual Section newsletter and contribute content for ARC monthly magazine.

8. to maintain a social media presence for the Section


  • If you have any questions or would like to join this section please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .