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ALES committee members have pooled their knowledge and scoured their internet favourites to put together a directory of key web links, including curriculum material, learning organisations and educational resources. We hope that these will be useful for education and heritage professionals alike.

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Past conferences and training events

Please note: all presentations remain copyright of the creator/s, and are provided here for reference purposes only


Archive Learning and Higher Education, London Irish Centre, 27 January 2020

This event  offered talks from speakers sharing their experiences of using archives to promote and facilitate teaching in higher education. Presentation slides from speakers at the event are available below:

  • Welcome and introduction Tessa Spencer/Philip Milnes-Smith, ALES joint Training Officers



Digital Learning for Schools, Newcastle University, 10 July 2019

This free event featured talks from speakers sharing their experiences of using archives to promote and deliver digital learning tools for schools. Presentation slides from speakers at the event are available below:


Archives and Learning for All: Engaging Diverse Communities, London Irish Centre, 29 January 2019

This free event featured speakers sharing their experiences of using archives to promote and facilitate learning with a range of groups. Experts discussed the challenges and opportunities for archive services in the field of lifelong learning and gave practical guidance on creating an education and outreach strategy. Presentation slides from speakers at the event are available below:


Digital Learning on a Shoestring, The National Archives (TNA), 16 November 2015

Are you interested in experimenting with digital learning but feel unsure how or where to start? Or perhaps you are already involved in planning or developing digital learning, and would like an update on best practice and tips for achieving more with less.  The documents below are from this training day for you to download.

2013 Conference: Bridging the Gap: Archives for HE/FE Students 

ALES conference delegates at PRONI, June 2013

Increasing user participation and reaching out to new audiences rank high in the archives agenda for the 21st century. However, how are archivists ensuring that university and further education students, one of their traditional user-groups, are also part of this inclusive approach?

Last year’s ALES annual conference and AGM was held at the Public Record of Northern Ireland (PRONI) on 24th June. The day brought together delegates and speakers from across the UK. The main theme was how archivists can work more closely with university and college students, and in so doing bridge the gap between this traditional user group and the archive as a space for learning, discovery and the acquisition of new transferable skills.

Presentations included a mixture of case studies based on a wide range of experiences from university and national archives to specialist and local authority repositories. Some of the key concepts that emerged through the day were ‘skills’, ‘collaboration’ and ‘creativity’. A combination of the three underpins the planning and delivery of successful initiatives and hopefully will allow professionals to address challenges and turn them into opportunities for the future.

2012 Conference and AGM: 'Not just for the children': Archives in Community and Adult Education

The ALES AGM and conference was held on Monday 11th June at Hull History Centre. 

This year’s conference focused on how archivists use their rich collections to engage with adult learners and community groups. The day brought together an exciting mixture of speakers from across the UK and Ireland who shared their first hand experience and knowledge about a wide range of issues. Presentations from the day are now available below: 

Spring training day at the Langley Academy

'Archives go to school: creating educational resources for teachers that teachers want' was held on Friday 23rd March 2012 at the Langley Academy, Slough, Berkshire.

This training event focused on how to make teachers and educators aware of archives as resources they can use to enrich the learning experience in the classroom. Speakers included archives professionals, learning and outreach officers as well as educators and presentations from the day are available below.

2011 Conference and AGM: Engage, Share, Participate: Widening Learning and Access to Archives through Social Media

The 2011 Conference and AGM was held at HM General Register House Edinburgh on 13 June. Speakers from the archives and museums and galleries sector shared their first hand experience of using social media to enhance users’ participation and engage with communities.

Speakers included:

A useful summary of the key points covered by speakers throughout the day is also available here:

ALES 2011 Conference Summary

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