West Midlands

Welcome to ARA West Midlands.

This region covers Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, the West Midlands and Worcestershire.

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In the following pages you can find details of:

Our aims and objectives

We aim to provide:

Networking opportunities for all individual and corporate members across the West Midlands region. 

Training and learning opportunities for members; and for paying non-members.

The opportunity at each meeting for two student or unwaged ARA members to have their travel costs reimbursed for attending.

Collaboration with other ARA Sections/Groups and other relevant associations including:

  • ARA East Midlands Region
  • Archives West Midlands
  • The ARA Sections.

A twitter feed and facebook page disseminating news and achievements from ARA and from corporate members across the West Midlands region.

Updates about the wider activities of the ARA as a whole, including the Board and Executive, and a channel for feedback to the ARA via the designated Board member and Officers’/Chairs’ Days

Our objectives are:

  • To hold at least three meetings a year, usually with a training element, at a variety of face-to-face locations across the region.
  • To allow corporate members across the region to report on and discuss their activities at regional meetings.
  • To take full and accurate minutes of regional meetings and send them to all our members through our regional mailing list.
  • To hold occasional events jointly with ARA sections, neighbouring regions and Archives West Midlands.
  • To disseminate information from and provide feedback to the ARA Board, Officers’/Chairs’ Days and the Training Officers Network Group.
  • To provide a regional mailing list to inform members of forthcoming meetings, promote the achievements of corporate members across the region and share best practice.
  • To maintain the region’s webpages and relevant social media with up to date information.
  • To maintain a social media presence for the region.
  • To provide a representative to sit as an observer on the Archives West Midlands Board of Trustees to ensure events and activities complement each other and provide mutual advice and support.