Media Training

Dealing with the media

The training session of the South East Regional Meeting on 2nd July 2012 was devoted to working with the media. The presentations from Marie Owens and Nick Hiley can be found on these pages.

Marie Owens, Getting the best from the media


Marie Owens is the ARA's Head of Public Affairs. She is in charge of the Association's communication and external affairs and came to the role with many years experience in public relations. Her tips for effectively engaging with the media are below.


Before any communication consider:
• What do we want to happen?
• What therefore should we be communicating?
• Who to?
• What is the best communication tool to reach the right person/people?
• Who is best owner of the message? This will change depending on the story, sometimes the most senior person in the department isn’t the most appropriate.
• ...and what style/tone/look should we have?

The communication options
• The media
• Talk to someone
• Announce something internally
• Hold an event
• Publish something
• Write a letter/email
• Suggest/debate through social media
• Advertise
• .....or a mixture of the above!

Why use media coverage?
• Audience
• High level of belief in what people see and hear in the media
• Decision makers often influenced by the media
• Pride and reputation boost

The four stages of communication
• Homework: who is my listener and what are they interested in?
• Preparation: writing, drafting, photographs, spokespeople, timings, logistics...
• Delivery: what they need when they need it, as promised
• Evaluation for next time: how was that, how to improve, keep in touch