3.3.2 Appraisal, destruction and scheduling information

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Jenny Bunn Discussion started by Jenny Bunn 5 years ago

ISAD(G) says:

Purpose – To provide information on any appraisal, destruction and scheduling action.

Rules – Record appraisal, destruction and scheduling actions taken on or planned for the unit of description, especially if they may affect the interpretation of the material. Where appropriate, record the authority for the action.

We say:

There is overlap between this field and the way we have interpreted Archival History (3.2.3). Information about appraisal, destruction and scheduling may form part of both, or either of, the human readable summary and the machine readable ‘audit trail’ discussed in the notes to that field. The general principle should be to avoid excessive duplication, whilst maintaining consistency with past practice. One possible solution might be to use Archival History as the place to summarise any appraisal, destruction and scheduling action and then to use this field as the place for maintaining a formal record of all the material that has been destroyed, when it was destroyed, and on whose authority (perhaps via a link to a deaccessioning database?)

Jenny Bunn
Jenny Bunn Additional comments received: Didn’t see overlap so much. We interpret scheduling actions to do with de-accessioning rather than planned... Show more 4 years ago
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